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Madison Protests Union Busting Bill (HD)
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The more we look at the history of Capitalism, the more it looks like some kind of alien ideology imposed on humanity. Why else would humanity recklessly despoil and rape it’s own nest in the blind pursuit of profit?  Is this a human value? Who really benefits from such ecological devastation? It would seem that the so-called “global elite” are arbiters of greater, hidden powers who appear hell-bent on harvesting the Earth’s resources as efficiently and cold-heartedly as possible. This is, and always has been, Capitalism’s agenda—to build the wealth of the “ruling powers” at the expense of the prosperity of the People.

“If popular prosperity could be sacrificed, there were many obvious ways Western capital could be made more competitive. Production could be moved overseas to low-wage areas, allowing domestic unemployment to rise. Unions could be attacked and wages forced down, and people could be pushed into temporary and part-time jobs without benefits. Regulations governing corporate behavior could be removed, corporate and capital-gains taxes could be reduced, and the revenue losses could be taken out of public-service budgets. Public infrastructures could be privatized, the services reduced to cut costs, and then they could be milked for easy profits while they deteriorated from neglect.

“These are the very policies and programs launched during the Reagan-Thatcher years in the US and Britain. They represent a systematic project of increasing corporate growth at the expense of popular prosperity and welfare. Such a real agenda would have been unpopular, and a corresponding matrix reality was fabricated for public consumption. The matrix reality used real terms like ‘deregulation,’ ‘reduced taxes,’ and ‘privatization,’ but around them was woven an economic mythology. The old, failed laissez-faire doctrine of the 1800s was reintroduced with the help of Milton Friedman's Chicago School of economics, and ‘less government’ became the proud ‘modern’ theme in America and Britain. Sensible regulations had restored financial stability after the Great Depression, and had broken up anti-competitive monopolies such as the Rockefeller trust and AT&T. But in the new matrix reality, all regulations were considered bureaucratic interference. Reagan and Thatcher preached the virtues of individualism, and promised to ‘get government off people's backs.’ The implication was that everyday individuals were to get more money and freedom, but in reality the primary benefits would go to corporations and wealthy investors…” -Escaping the Matrix.

We are seeing this very agenda play out in contemporary American politics in places like Madison Wisconsin, where a newly elected governor launched an all-out attack on the labor unions. “The real story behind the protests in Wisconsin has little to do, as Gov. Walker would have you believe, with a state-level push for fiscal responsibility. It has everything to do with the changing dynamics of money and influence in national politics. As if the corporate stranglehold on American democracy were not tight enough, the Supreme Court strengthened it immeasurably with its Citizens United decision, which greatly enhanced the already overwhelming power of corporate money in politics…” -Union Busting: the Real Call From the Koch Brothers

Wisconsin has become a test-bed for Republicans planning similar assaults on the middle class, public employees and unions, as they seek to remove union rights and cut benefits in states throughout the Union. “Like most states and middle class citizens, Wisconsinites are struggling in the recession, but the state government is not bankrupt. The so-called budget ‘crisis’ was not handed to Gov. Walker, it was created by him. Walker claims his power grab is an attempt to close a budget gap, but the budget ‘crisis’ was engineered by Walker as soon as he got into office.” -Class Warfare in Wisconsin

“Republicans wrap their corporatist mindset in the flag, demonize unions as communist, and keep the workforce in poverty to protect corporations. Unions are the last defense for American workers, and Republicans have mounted an all-out attack on unions, and subsequently, American workers.” -Republicans Destroy Middle Class Dreams One Busted Union At a Time

Governor Walker is, either wittingly or unwittingly, facilitating the implementation of the plans of the “global elite” to completely destroy the American middle class and usher in the fascist New World Order—and the sheeple appear to be condoning it…

Class Warfare