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Cygnus X-1, Book II: Hemispheres

V. The Sphere: A Kind Of Dream

We can walk our road together

If our goals are all the same

We can run alone and free

If we pursue a different aim

Let the truth of love be lighted

Let the love of truth shine clear


Armed with sense and liberty

With the heart and mind united in a single



RUSH, Hemispheres

"The higher mind thinks holographically. It utilizes all the avenues of perception and realizes all the possible echoes and ramifications. We can teach ourselves to recognize and access the higher mind. It pulsates at a different speed, allowing us to filter through two or three or ten dimensions at once with recognition and understanding. It allows the left and right hemispheres of the brain to synchronize. When these hemispheres begin to pulsate in unison, there is a change in the actual physiology of the brain waves that facilitates a heightened awareness."

-Ecstasy Is A New Frequency, 1987, Chris Griscom