AT THIS TIME ON YOUR PLANET THERE IS A GREAT WAR GOING ON between beings: those that have positive intentions for peace and goodwill for mankind, and those that are in pursuit of negative power for the
domination of mankind. The scales are weighing in evenly and that is a dangerous situation for your planet.

There are many probable realities in play at this time and it is up to the individuals en masse to ensure that the survival of your planet is taken seriously. Your belief systems should be examined carefully and the necessary changes made within those systems if you as a species are to survive.

If you are to evolve as a species, you cannot have societies in fear of their existence and afraid to experience their lives. You will end up with the negative forces claiming your planet as their home. These forces feed off of fear and negativity. They have an intrinsic way of filtering into your everyday way of life and your antiquated belief systems. They have had a hold on mankind for too long and as the fanatic, they will use whatever means available to them to subdue your consciousness and enslave you to their negative way of thinking. The members of the Spiritual Hierarchy of your planet and Beings of Light are releasing vast amounts of energy into your world at present to prevent this from happening. But it is all predicated on how you respond with your free will as to in what direction your planet will move...

As we observe the planet Earth from our dimension, the swirl of energy around her has been quite disturbing. You have experienced many mass events both in nature and with the behavior of your citizens. Earth cannot sustain this kind of energy for much longer. If its citizens do not start to raise their vibrational hums, the planet itself
 will revolt against mankind with more and more natural disasters. Since your energies create the weather and all of the planetary problems, it would behoove you to start to take a serious look at what you have been doing. If the citizens of the planet surround themselves with an abundance of negativity, that negativity will and does create disturbing weather patterns around the planet. Everything in your eco-systemis affected by your mind/thought energy whether you realize it or not. You can eliminate all of the disturbing weather patterns
if you change your thoughts and move into a loving peaceful alignment with each other and the planet. If you could see it from my dimension you would be saddened to see the destruction of what was once a beautiful paradise where all creatures lived in harmony with each other.

It is not too late to change...

9/11: The Unknown Reality of the World, 2004, Cas Smith and Mark Frost

Our mother Earth is presently undergoing a process of rebirth, trying to be reborn into a higher level of consciousness, and She is struggling. Rebirth means change—you have to be something other than what you were before and there is always an opposition to that, forces that do not want change, that want things to stay exactly as they are. This process is setting in motion the great Warrior Path, the struggle between the Warriors of Light
 in the Warriors of Darkness, the constructive and destructive powers on the planet. This is why the Way of the Spiritual Warrior so important for these troubled times.

There are many books written about 2012 and about the end of the world, and many of them talk about ecology, the atmosphere, the oceans and other environmental issues, without giving any spiritual context whatsoever.
 They all think that the big transformation will come about by changing the way we treat the environment
 on this physical dimension. But that is only on the surface of things; it is not the major change at all.

The big change is the fight between the Light and the Darkness, between the evolutionary forces and the destructive forces within the planet. If you have studied the Spiritual Sciences or the ancient scriptures, you are aware that this fight has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years. In the Indian scriptures, for example, there are stories about wars between gods, goddesses and demons, and the Bible talks about the "wars in heaven" between angelic hierarchies. Of course the materialists do not want to know about wars in heaven or Warriors of light and Warriors of Darkness—they're all mythologies are fairytales for them. But those events in the scriptures were real and, more importantly, they are taking place at this very moment and on a much larger scale. This is why we need Spiritual Warriors, Warriors of Light—warriors who work with the Light, for the Light and by the Light.

In the olden days Warriors went forth spiritual quest for Enlightenment or Transformation, but now the entire planet is on a spiritual quest and this quest depends on us, every single human being. If we are successful,
 the planet will be transformed; if not, the chaos and darkness will continue in an even larger way.

The New Planetary Reality, 2012, Imre Vallyon

For years I've been asking Phylis and everybody else I know, “Why does the Gnosis always get busted? Every
single time the energy is raised and large-scale group illuminations are occurring, the local branch of the
inquisition kills it dead. Why, why, why?”

Nobody had any very conclusive ideas.

"I'll tell you what I think," Grady said. "There's war in Heaven. The Higher Intelligences, whoever they are,
aren't all playing on the same team. Some of them are trying to encourage our evolution to higher levels,
and some of them want to keep us stuck just where we are.”

According to Grady, some occult lodges are working with those nonhuman intelligences who want to accelerate human evolution, but some of the others are working with the intelligences who wish to keep us at an
 animal level of awareness.

Cosmic Trigger, Vol. I, 1977, Robert Anton Wilson

Any time in your history that art, music and poetry have prevailed—moments of hope and inspiration—ugliness
has manifested as a force that moves to suppress their expression and push you back into despair and resignation. Why is that so?… Destroying your intellectual and artistic manifestations helps stimulate the beast in you…

When you are loving and full of celebration of life and its beauty, or inquisitive and philosophical about the
human condition, you are not fulfilling your duties: serving the master. You are not on your knees: obeying…

We are calling you to arise from your knees and stand tall against the winds of change, for your fears can only be conquered when, as free-thinking men and women, you understand that you are the Power and the blessing
and the Light…

Cosmos of Soul, 2008, Patricia Cori

The Light is understood to be the energy of Love and expansion. The Dark is not so easily defined. It is often referred to as a negative force. Sometimes it is referred to as evil. For the sake of clarity in the discussion of Light vs. Dark, let it be said that Dark energies are energies that are of 'Not-Love'. Add to this definition, the further explanation that the Dark is not just the absence of Love but it is also an oppositional force to Love.
The Dark is a force of interference. It is a force that has direct intention to impede, hinder, stop and
annihilate the presence of Light in the universe.

In this definition of the Dark, dark energies are active, powerful forces that have intent. The new understanding of dark force energies MUST include the recognition of intent inherent in the nature of Darkness.

The Earth and those upon the earth need Love, expansion, openness and freedom in the new millennium. It is
said that we are moving into a time of 1,000 years of peace. It is during this transformation period that any opposition to the new will arise from within the old. It is natural to the process of transformation that that
which is to die and make room for the new will arise in desperation to save itself. So it is that the Dark is
rising in even greater force against the Light. This understanding is the source of all our mythologies about
good vs. evil, dark vs. Light, hatred vs. love. It is also why this time is often being referred to as the
time of battle between the Dark and the Light...

Now, it is also said that we are moving out of duality into unity. The unity is understood to be the source of the coming 1,000 years of peace. To achieve unity, there must be an end to duality. Therefore, we cannot look at the differences between Dark and Light as simply a need to balance opposites. Instead, it is necessary that we take up the understanding that the Dark is something that must be eliminated to make room for more Light.

To view the Dark as simply part of the God-energies is to miss the understanding that there are forces of Darkness that are in direct opposition to God energy. The Dark is very knowing that its' time is drawing near and that Unity can be expressed as only one energy, the energy of Love...

The intention of Dark energies is ALWAYS to eliminate, block and interfere with the higher vibration energies
of Love and Light...

Take up the position of neutrality in relation to the Dark. Do not try to send Love to the Dark forces. Rather, understand that it is necessary to eliminate Dark force energies from the field of energy of ourselves and of
 the Earth. Become detached from any fear you might encounter when thinking and speaking of dark force interferences…

The Dark and The Light: A Duality That Is Ending

Today, we are immersed in a process of planetary change taking place on the world stage behind events that are often in the news. This process of global purification has, as its goal, the eradication of those areas of darkness within the collective consciousness that are the cause of separation, division, and enmity, both from one another and from the sacred life that God would have us live. The purpose of this transformation and its aim is the replacement of these attitudes with a new consciousness of unity, built upon a foundation of
spiritual truth and love.

     Events we witness today of extreme violence, of degradation of the humanity of others, of cruelty, of the punitive seeking of revenge, of hatred justified in the name of God, of practices of deception and manipulation—all are manifestations of currents of darkness that can infiltrate human emotions and motivations. These currents, while partly emotionally-based, are also parts of Creation existing at other levels of spiritual reality. Today, they
play a large role on the world stage and within the hearts of many because it is the time of purification upon the earth—a time when energies and motivations that have lain dormant within body and heart become released into awareness. While these energies do not necessarily have to be acted out, often, because of the strength with which they are felt, they become the source of action.

     Such an expansion of darkness is not happening by chance. It is a result of the more profound and universal expansion of light upon the planet—a movement whose effect is to both awaken people spiritually, while simultaneously stirring the dormant energies which act in opposition to this awakening.  In this stirring is a movement toward greater freedom, with the mechanism of release into awareness being one stage on the
 road to becoming free of the energy entirely.  

     The work of light, everywhere, is to illumine and purify mind, heart, and body so that humanity can hold a greater degree of love and light within itself and move to the next level of its spiritual unfoldment. This is also true for the  Earth itself which is also moving into the next stage of its spiritual unfoldment.  In the case of the Earth, development operates according to similar principles as those for individuals, with the expansion of consciousness and the increase in the concentration of light being parts of it.  And just as it is time for people, individually, to awaken, it is also time for the being that is the Earth to move into greater light and into heightened spiritual resonance. This movement has already begun and will have profound implications for
every life form inhabiting the planet.

     The expansion of light affects all levels of consciousness. On the individual level, it begins to reveal what
has been hidden from awareness because it was too painful to see before now. Simultaneously, it creates a
greater capacity for love and joy because of increased contact with an inner wellspring that is the sacred
essence of every human being.  

     On the level of relationships, the advent of greater light reveals more of the truth that  relationships hold, making it possible to discern which of these serve the purposes of growth and wholeness, and which limit
these and are being held onto out of fear.  

     On the global level, the effect of increased light is to release into collective awareness, impulses of a negative nature that were more deeply buried and more tightly bound. These impulses can also become amplified by larger energies which seek to turn the process of purification to their own ends. Such a pursuit could not be successful if such energies and motivations were not already present within the human heart. Yet, impulses such as those
that give rise to terrorism in its many forms, to genocidal behavior, and to all practices of cruelty of one
individual to another, are all aspects of darkness which the larger energies can capitalize on.

     As purification continues, light and darkness will continue to separate and energies of darkness will continue to make themselves known. On a planetary level, no matter how much this may appear to be the result of the
 actions or intentions of any one nation, it is more importantly happening because it is mankind's time of release from bondage—the beginning of a process of being set free from all that prevents the expansion of greater love. Despite the painful effects of this process as we witness them today, what is being released into consciousness
will ultimately be freed from the personal self and the world's self. What will remain is a changed humanity, capable of experiencing greater freedom to love.

     In the meantime, many suffer during this time of transition, and the heart that is opening to greater love must be concerned for them all.  Yet, concern is not despair, nor is it the loss of hope. Indeed, those who seek to move through this time without being influenced by the negative energies need to hold the reality of light while holding the suffering.  Such anchoring affirms our trust in God's sacred intention to bring light out of darkness, and to bring the earth forward as a planet and as a participant in the brotherhood of planets whose consciousness is based on light. Though this may seem like a distant and implausible vision, its truth lies deeply buried within the human heart. For there are those who are our brothers and sisters on the earth who wait for this time of transition to
 end and for peace and harmony to prevail. And there are those who are part of the greater life of the universe
 who also await the outcome of this sacred time of emergence.

     Let us pray that no matter what we must go through in the process of purification, that the presence of greater light remain firmly anchored in our hearts so that however strong the opposing currents, we are able to remain faithful to a life based on the principle of love.  

     And let us pray, also, that love for this planet and for all beings rest within each and every heart, and that the earth itself be blessed as it moves into greater light.


Please, there is no need whatsoever to fight the Dark, to oppose them, to do battle,
or anything along these lines.

Please, do not embrace the Dark either. There is nothing there to embrace.

Absolutely nothing.

Either way, these only serve to attract or invite the Dark and its denizens,

including those humans who may be in resonance with such.

Please stop.

Indeed, the Dark is a consciousness and it has an object to itself, an agenda. But you
 do not need to be a part of this, rather be apart from it. This is a facet of your

detachment from the human and non-human levels and manifestations of the darkness.

With detachment can come a great peace.

The Higher Oneness is vibrating through a continuous and moving wave pattern

whose intensity will be increasing. All that which vibrates as part of this wave will
 continue, what does not, will not continue.

You do not need to concern yourself with that which does not. This is an internal
 signature and there is nothing you as a human self can do to alter this.

Pay attention to your vibratory state of being. Words can only suggest.

This higher vibratory state is what is Real.

It is that simple.

Global Awakening News, Alex Kochkin, August 2011 Update

It must always be remembered that there is no judgment truly on whether one had a life in the Light or in the dark. When one comes back to the Divine, back to God Almighty, this Essence never judges one better than the other, for It had requested that these experiences, this dualistic reality be created for Its benefit. Not for just entertainment purposes, but for a knowing of Itself in the various aspects of consciousness that manifest and carry out the wishes of the Divine. It does not condemn one who has had a dark life, because if the being having that life, the spiritual being is there to have the experience to bring back to God, if you will, then why would It condemn it for having this experience?

What is most difficult to understand is that those of the dark nature seem to be intent on hurting and injuring many, of manipulating and controlling. While this is true in the sense of what occurs during a physical incarnation, it must also be remembered that all leave physical life eventually, all return back into their spirit being, all are brought home and that God will always reward those that have had the fullest experience of whatever existence they chose, be it in the Light of in the dark. The ultimate choice is to live back in that essence of the
Light, the force and power of divine love, for being in that energy is the highest form of
 God expressing Itself, but that experiences had in physical reality are but that:
experiences of the dark.

One challenge is to understand this and then to alleviate oneself of the influence of those dark energies if the wish is to return back into the Light of the Godhead, for once one determines and decides it is their wish and desire to return back into the energy, the Essence of the Godhead, of God Divine, then it is also necessary to disentangle oneself from those influences of separation that are considered the darkness of the soul. This is part of Ascension, the viewing of oneself in a way that will recognize and understand where the dark parts lie, where the entrap-ment and enfolding of the dark forces truly had effect, and to make other choices to deal with this darkness, to acquire one’s strength and power, to direct oneself back into immersion in the Light of God and the Divine.

This Awareness understands that for many this may be a very challenging concept, but it asks those who are really and truly willing to make the journey back into full ascended consciousness, to understand that it is not a sin to have had dark lives, but it is indeed a hindrance not to deal with that darkness if one truly is wishing to achieve ascended consciousness once again. If one is not willing to bring the Light to the darkness, to afford it a chance
 to reintegrate itself with the Light, or to depart one’s being if it is not in accordance to the desire to ascend.
One had much more over the darkness than most consider to be so and it is now time to discover this, now time to being the Light of the Godhead, of God Divine back into one’s life to enlighten one, to bring Light to the darkest corner of one’s being and to reclaim the Light of God.

Cosmic Awareness Communications, Issue No. 667

Are you busy fighting "The Enemy?" Have you pulled out your Light sword and are righteously battling the secret government, the Greys, the dark forces, etc.? Does this truly match your vision of Heaven on Earth? Are you focused on extraterrestrials trying to control the Earth? Are you participating with pictures of reality that hold humankind as victims, dupes, or a colonized food source? How does this mesh with the view that each person is a vast, multidimensional master? Have you exchanged your connection with your own Spirit for one with a guru, an Ascended Master, or a channeled entity? The universe will rearrange itself to accommodate your pictures of reality. What do you want—really? Your Spirit is shifting your positioning in relation to ascension. Allow the sweetness of transfiguration to fill your soul. Follow your own beloved Spirit, with each breath and each step.
Live Heaven!

What Is Lightbody?, 2005, Tashira Tachi-ren

Your future is in your hands, and your races will live the consequences of your collective choices. Each individual has the power and the responsibility for choosing the path of personal destiny that will unfold. In choosing to ignore the reality of Earth's present multidimensional affairs, you will be subjugating your personal power to those hidden forces that would be delighted to control your destiny for you. If you are wise, you will not surrender your evolutionary survival so easily. You have all the help you need to succeed, but humanity
must also do its part and become responsible for personal evolution.

Voyagers Volume II, The Secrets of Amenti, 2002, Ashayana Deane

The world political government right now is very dangerous for humanity because it's part
 of the Gray Plan, part of the aggressive alien plan to keep us in jail…

Right now, this is where the battle is, between Light and Dark. You've got the Grays over us, you've got the Reptilians underneath us, and between you've got Humanity... sandwiched in
the middle, wondering what the hell is going on here…

It comes back to people taking personal responsibility for what they think, what they want
 to believe, and what it is that they want to create…

Alex Collier, 1994, Interview with Rick Keefe

One does not have to live in total denial in order to not be personally impacted by the incredible external chaos and human pain. Most people choose denial to avoid pain. If we deny dark force existence we then give it power to manipulate us masking as Gods Light. If we can see the chaos/pain as it is, accept it in the moment, we then have the power to invite God Source to Light the Way. Commanding your authority in Gods Eternal Light in the Face of the Darkness is much more effective in dissolving deception, lies and manipulation. The Dark has no chance when going face to face with the Transparent Truth. The Negative Entities controlled by Darkness are Ignorant of the Light, Ignorant of the Law and are deceivers. Dark Forces/ Ego forces are disconnected from Source light and will never tell the truth and never can be trusted as personal survival and feeding off others is their only priority. This is true for human beings possessed by these forces as well as interdimensional entities.
As a result many lightworkers are deceived by Dark Masters, Negative Aliens saying they are "Jesus", "Mother
Mary", ArchAngel Michael and whomever they read in your ego you have a soft spot for.

Living in denial of the nature of reality ultimately will allow a blind spot in your ego to be manipulated by dark forces. Denial breeds deception breeds manipulation. Just because a person does not believe in negative forces or extraterrestrial involvement on this planet does not mean these same forces are not impacting his life. This is living like an ostrich with your head buried in the sand. Choosing to "know" means you must choose to grow up and become responsible. The planet is offering you two choices, evolve or stay in suffering. Staying in denial of your requirement to self responsibility to evolve will only prolong the mental agony. When you are informed, have evolutionary (ascension) context, you can choose and therefore are empowered. You have the personal power over what you choose as you gain knowledge and you can choose inner peace with your growth to learn self responsibility. As you participate with your growth, accept things as they are now, you will cease to suffer in pain.

Letting Go of All You Know, Lisa Renee

Our task in these messages is to bring a great warning, but the warning is not enough. There must be recognition amongst your people. At least amongst enough people here, there must be an understanding of the reality that
you are now facing. This is the greatest event in human history—the greatest threat to human freedom and the greatest opportunity for human unity and cooperation. We recognize these great advantages and possibilities,
but with each passing day their promise fades—as more and more people are captured and their awareness is recultivated and reconstituted, as more and more people become more acquiescent and
less able to discern.

We have come at the request of the Unseen Ones to serve in this capacity as observers. Should we be successful, we will remain in the proximity of your world only long enough to continue to give you this information. Beyond that, we will return to our homes. Should we fail and should the tide turn against humanity and should the great darkness come over the world, the darkness of domination, then we will have to depart, our mission unfulfilled. Either way we cannot stay with you, though should you show promise we shall stay until you are safeguarded,
until you can provide for yourselves... The visitors will try to create the impression that they are "allies of humanity." They will say that they are here to save humanity from itself, that only they can offer the great hope that humanity cannot provide for itself, that only they can establish true order and harmony in the world. But
 this order and this harmony will be theirs, not yours. And the freedom they promise will not be yours to enjoy...

The Allies of Humanity: An Urgent Message
 About the Extraterrestrial Presence in the World Today

2008, Marshall Van Summers

Please, let us stay focused on our higher work. It will be of immeasurable value, but we must not let ourselves become distracted by these matters of misdirected human machinations.

Somewhere outside of this tangled and tattered web, there are those who are quietly working toward their own spiritual awakening into their own greater beingness, whatever descriptors they may use for this. This is what is of greatest importance now. It will have its greatest effects only if those who are most attentive to these energetic changes keep their focus.
In time it can influence and catalyze spiritual awakening of many more humans.

The spiritual light grows even as the darkness seems so present in this physical realm. It is
 only from this light that new creation is shaped and so is our existence as spiritual beings.

In the end it is you, your higher self, and the oneness of true Creation.
That is all there has ever been.

A “Global Political Awakening”? …Guess again.. By Alex Kochkin

Why does it appear that one branch, called Family of Dark, has accrued more power than Family of Light? Why does Family of Light sometimes feel like victims? Why does Family of Dark have money, wealth, prestige, the interdimensional connections, and the secrets?

You know that a few people rule your world and have done so for a very long time. The few over the many.
As we mentioned, the Gods came here eons ago and mated with humans; they stopped off here, stayed a few hundred years, and were gone. They started the lineage of blue blood, which indicates a stellar link to the heavens. Because everything is transferred from ancestor to ancestor, those who track their lineage are very careful to keep themselves together. In general, they do not spread their vibration or ancestral seed to those
they control. They form a select group, a cabal, and rule your world in secret. You know some of them, others
 you do not. When the Gods came, they left a hierarchy of presidents and popes, kings and queens, princes and princesses and patriarchs. There are those who are very knowledgeable about planetary history, and they do indeed understand that another form of intelligence has been communicating with your world for eons. They
have kept that knowledge to themselves because they have been so instructed.

The Gods have not really gone away; they have simple taken a nap. Time is different for them, so it appears that the Gods have forgotten you, but they have not. They are here, and this is why you must awaken. You must ask: Who are the Gods? Who are these invisible forces?  Who is Family of Light? Who is Family of Dark?… And who
 am I in this process?

Family of Light, 1998, Barbara Marciniak


Your planet is raising her frequency so that the duality that has persisted for so long will no longer be present. This shift has been underway for several years and will reach the tipping point within the next few months. When this occurs, it will become increasingly difficult for those who adhere to darkness to remain on this planet. Many who are now wavering on the fence between the light and the dark will choose the light. Based on fear, comfort, wealth, and/or status, others will still cling to the darkness.

The institutions of man that are based on fear, such as the military, current governments, and current monetary systems, will disappear. Physical edifices that were built on fear will disappear. The institutions, structures, individuals, and communities that are based in the light will persist. The next few months will be the time of sorting of what is of the light and what is of the dark.

A new civilization will emerge from the chaos arising from the collapse of the old paradigm. Love will be the basis of this new civilization, and Oneness with earth and all who occupy her. This will not be an instantaneous process, but it will occur quite quickly as linear time will be no more.

The physical cleansing of this planet will take place with assistance from many beings from around this universe who support her return to a pristine state. This will take place in conjunction with the new humans of Earth.

There will be no general cleansing without humans present. All change is in accordance with energy equations. Those places where Earth energy has been most severely damaged will require the most energetic repair. Those places where there has been less damage will be less affected. Earth's own energetic repair ranges from earthquakes to tsunamis to severe weather to wildfires to a shift in climate and a raising of sea levels.

Cosmic Paradigm

There is a new situation on Earth. A new directive has been declared by the Elohim. It allows for one level of reality to be dissolved to bring the state of play on Earth to a fairer level. For some time now the negative forces on Earth have been using some unfair tactics to proceed with their plan. This has now been stopped owing to continued requests of the Light Force on Earth for Divine order to occur.

The particular reality level being dissolved contains very dense energy and holds the broader spectrum of many situations we are seeing on Earth at this time such as disaster weather scenarios, the misuse of technologies such as genetic engineering; chemicals and food; radiation and wave lengths; the HAARP project; medical technology; governmental powers, etc. Although these concepts also exist in other bands of reality, they are much milder within those bands.

We could look at parallel realities of Earth as a staircase going up into the heavens. One specific level of that staircase has been disintegrated. At the same time, the other timeline realities moved downwards to fill the void, just like a pack of cards. So, now one less parallel universe is in existence.

This means that dense negative projects will begin to disappear as they have no energy impetus behind them. However, a few projects have already been integrated into the 3D. We need to do something to get these 'already underway projects' removed out of the 3D realm. There is a decree ahead that can handle this,
providing sufficient numbers of Lightworkers do it.

Initially, there was a level playing field on Earth. It consisted of two forces (Light and Dark) with similar technologies and each had opposing goals concerning the future of Earth and humanity. The Light forces were assisting Earth on her evolutionary path, particularly with her ascension to the 5th dimension along with her
life forms. The dark forces have done all they could to prevent this occurring, mainly spreading fear in order
 to maintain control.

With continued misuse of off-planet advanced technology by negative forces and repeated violations of Universal Law, the playing field on Earth was no longer level or fair. The advanced negative technology being used, such as negative wave lengths destroying the structure and life upon Earth, have come from outside sources and are therefore not permitted by Universal Law. Humanity has consequently been put in a position ill
 equipped to understand or deal with these technologies.

With the increased use of one advanced technology which creates synthetic heavy weather patterns, denser energy has begun to permeate the Earth plane. People assumed these were natural disasters, but many of the recent scenarios have been caused by negative forces using technology to trigger them. Of course, there are natural disasters as well and these may continue as needed by the Earth Mother. As humanity, including Lightworkers, have observed the disasters and heard and read of negative predictions, more energy has been
given to the reality of disasters occurring, moving it closer to the fore as a possible reality for Earth. Similar predictions have surfaced in past years, but have been firmly rejected by the majority of the Light Force,
who maintained their certainty that we could cleans the Earth's dense energy with Light.

The remaining possible parallel realities for Earth are of a much lighter nature and involve continuing to cleanse the dense energies of Earth with the use of Light frequencies. She needs to cleanse any energy that is of a
denser vibration that can be taken into the 5th dimension. The same applies to us and all of humanity.

The Earth is ascending now. Nothing that can stop her ascension. But the manner in which that occurs can change. If we wish this planet to stay intact and continue cleansing with Light we need to look to our own thoughts. Thoughts hold great power and Lightworkers thoughts have even more power as many hold a Right to speak
for their own soul groups. Have a look at your own thoughts. See if you have agreed that the Earth is going to experience great flooding or earthquakes, etc. Do you know that if we all saw the Earth in a whole and
perfect state gently moving in beautiful Light into her new position in the 5th dimension without any
disasters occurring, that is exactly what would happen. The Law of Attraction says 'what we send out,
we get back.' What exists is what we agree exists.

We are also ascending into the 5th dimension. We need to keep in mind, as Lightworkers, that our focus now is vital. We need to remain positive in all things, loving everything and everyone, not judging and clearing our
 own debris and belief patterns, in order to increase our own light vibration sufficiently to ascend.

The New directive is truly wonderful. It helps the Light Force a great deal and it sets the negative forces way
back in their plans. But now we need to handle our own thoughts to ensure that the reality we prefer for
Earth becomes the one we are living. This is imperative.

A New Reality On Earth