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In Gallery 3 artistic integration becomes possible. The schism is healed, and wholeness and re-connection (to soul) are made manifest. Hemispheric synchronization occurs and duality is transcended. Creativity flourishes and survival mode is overcome, left behind. Oneness prevails, petty ego concerns become subordinate, struggle is a thing of the past. “Any time in your history that art, music and poetry have prevailed—moments of hope and inspiration—ugliness has manifested as a force that moves to suppress their expression and push you back into despair and resignation. Why is that so? Destroying your intellectual and artistic manifestations helps stimulate the beast in you”(1) and keeps Humanity in a low level of vibration. You must rise above such dark intentions.

Gallery 2 represents the schism of humanity—a photographic history, a video presentation of the so-called “Wisconsin Uprising” of 2011—2012 during which tens of thousands of citizens turned out to the streets of Madison and throughout the state in order to protest the draconian policies of corrupt governor Scott Walker. The people were protesting Walker’s role as a corporate shill, a corporate whore, for the likes of the billionaire Koch brothers, et al. The protests fostered a recall election, the result of which was bought and paid for by the big-monied corporate interests. The Koch brothers have their poodle in office, and little Scooter is doing his very best to promote corporate welfare at the expense of the people and workers of the great progressive state of Wisconsin…

Gallery 1 presents some landscape images which attest to “the beauty of nature and the serenity and guidance it can provide. When down or lost, there's nothing like nature to put things in perspective. A bird’s fight against the breeze, a tree stands the test of time. All of these symbols of nature teach us how…much beauty exists in the universe, even when we feel blue, nature, like poetry, is a cure for the blues.”(1) “Further evolution is impossible until you manage to restore the wholeness of your soul and harmony among all your bodies. And when you are with nature, it will happen naturally. When you manage to heal your soul, cure its many-century wounds, you will become an example for those people who are tired of living in the hell of your technocratic civilization.”(2)

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