WE DON’T LIVE IS A ‘WORLD’ SO MUCH AS A FREQUENCY RANGE—the one that our five senses can perceive.
This five-sense range of perception is tiny and known as 'visible light'. Creation is not structured like a chest of drawers, one level on top of another; it is made up of frequencies sharing the same 'space', in the same way
that all the radio and television frequencies do. Broadcast frequencies are not just around your body at this moment, they are sharing the same 'space' as your body, and this is possible because they are operating on a different wavelength to your body and to each other. Only when the wavelengths, or frequencies, are really
 close do we get 'interference' and become aware of another station. Apart from that, all are oblivious to each other's existence. They operate in different frequencies, 'realities' or 'worlds'. When you tune your radio to a station, say Radio 1, that's what you get. You don't hear Radio 2, 3 or 4. Move the dial and change the frequency from Radio 1 to Radio 2 and now, obviously, you hear Radio 2. But Radio 1 does not cease to broadcast when
you move the dial from its wavelength. It goes on broadcasting—existing—while your focus, your awareness, is tuned to something else.

This is precisely the principle on which this virtual-reality universe operates. The five senses through which we see, hear, smell, touch and taste can perceive an infinitesimal fraction of that which exists in the 'space' you think you are 'seeing' now. This is why animals, such as cats, jump around reacting to what appears to us to be, ‘empty space'. To the cats, the 'space' is not empty at all. They have a greater visual frequency range and they can see entities and activity that are beyond the frequency limits of the human five senses. When people say that everything is within you or, symbolically, the Kingdom of Heaven is within you, this is correct. All infinity is with-in us because all infinity shares all 'space', or our sense of it. The point is, however, that we can't see all infinity with our five senses, just as you cannot hear all the available radio stations by tuning in to one of them. We see only that tiny part of infinity that is vibrating to the frequency range of those senses—what we see, hear, smell, touch and taste. This is what I call the five-sense prison. Most people are so trapped in its manufactured and manipulated illusions that they believe that this is all that exists, and is all that they are. It is their only reality—the reality of Mind. This is further ingrained and conditioned by the 'education' system, the media and 'science', all of which are dominated by the belief that the 'world' of the five senses is basically all that there is.

When energy is vibrating slowly it appears to us to be 'dense' and 'solid', say like steel, but look at it under a powerful microscope and, no matter how 'solid' something seems to be, it is still vibrating energy. As the speed
of vibration increases, the energy becomes less and less dense until it is vibrating so quickly that it leaves the frequency range of the five senses and, to human perception, 'disappears'. It has not disappeared; it has simply
 left the range that human senses can access. This explains why people have seen ghosts or 'UFOs' which 'appeared' out of nowhere and then 'disappeared'. There are endless virtual realties that interpenetrate each other like radio or televisions stations and, when you know what you are doing, you can move between them. Scientists call them 'parallel universes'. The conditioned five-sense reality of Mind thinks that those who talk of seeing something appear and then disappear must be mad. 'It's not possible!' they cry. Oh, but it is. The 'nowhere'
 from which such manifestations come and go is simply another frequency, or wavelength, of existence that
our five senses cannot access. Understanding all this is crucial to appreciating that the 'far out' world of the so-called 'paranormal' is perfectly and simply explainable..

Human Race Get Off Your Knees, 2010, David Icke

This is how the universe has always worked. There's always been these types of beings that live outside of the frequency range of three-dimensional reality, and they have always interacted with us and the powers-that-be on this planet have always interacted with them. Unfortunately they're just like people—some of them are angels, and some of them are demons, so to speak. And the one's that our leaders are choosing to operate with are the ones that are not uplifting in general, for the planet. And I'll tell you something else that they showed me that made a lot of sense as to why all this negativity is occurring on the planet, why all these world leaders and the extraterrestrials and the interdimensionals they are working with, why they are so psychopathic or sociopathic from our viewpoint... The reason they're so psychopathic or sociopathic is because they don't have emotions the way we do... That's why you see the same kind of heartless cruelty with a lot of our world leaders—it's because they are interacting with these extraterrestrials, in exchange—basically what these ETs have done is they've set up this planet as like a farm to harvest us for our emotional energy--and in exchange these world leaders get information and knowledge that allows them to stay in power and keep their power and wealth. And when you understand that then you can understand why these people would act the way they act.

Ken Rohla - Neutralizing Radiation, Chemtrails & Mind Control

The idea that we live in a multidimensional universe populated by beings or life-forms that are less densely embodied than we are, or perhaps not embodied at all, is not new to Eastern religious traditions or to most
 of the indigenous peoples of the world.

But it is not a cosmos that is familiar or accepted as existing by the scientific culture of Western society, which has, perhaps once necessarily, constructed a universe in which the material or psychological, the seen and
unseen realms, have been kept largely separate so that the physical world might be understood and mastered in
its own right... The difficulty is that this almost exclusive concentration on the material world, whose extreme
manifestation is unbridled consumerism, has resulted in the virtual atrophy of the capacity to perceive or ex-perience the exquisite and awesome beauty, magnificence, and transcendent power of these other dimensions.

 I think that this is what is meant by the loss of a sense of the sacred, of a connection with the spaces or
 places of higher value, a separation from the Divine.

Passport To The Cosmos, 1999, John E. Mack, M.D

Since we know that all creation is manifest from Divine energy, we also know that the smallest component exist
 as pure energy. The density of an object is governed by how fast that energy can physically vibrate. Therefore everything physically manifested vibrates within certain ranges of frequency in order for human senses to
perceive it.

A major factor that limits people from readily perceiving higher dimensions is because the frequency rate of vibration is outside the range of human perception. This contributes to their lack of faith and ability to believe
 in something that can not be perceived through the normal senses.

Even though you can't perceive something doesn't prove that it doesn't exist. For example, you can blow on a
 dog whistle and not hear it, but the sound is real because your dog reacts. The Higher Dimensional Beings and those Dimensions are being perceived by some people because they have learned to perceive them through different senses, but for most people this is beyond their range of perception. Though many people are
beginning or are working with energies on different planes and dimensions because they are consciously
working to increase their rate of vibration.

Raising your vibration enables you to receive a more direct guidance and clearer guidance from your Higher Self because it vibrates at a higher rate. Having this direct link allows for information to be more easily accepted by the conscious and actualized. Therefore a direct link is formed to interact with your Higher Self…

You can raise your personal vibration by doing specific energy work with your Higher Self and Guides of Light.
This frequency raising energy work can be done by everyone, and is being done in many ways naturally on an ongoing basis as the vibration of the Earth is being raised in preparation for the Ascension.

Raising Your Vibrational Rate

Maxwell was the originator of most of our modern theories ­of electro-magnetism. In the late 1800's he formulated what today is still considered the bedrock of our understanding of electro-magnetism. In his original theories, he allowed for the existence of higher octaves of electro­magnetic energy that vibrate beyond our ability to measure, calling these "hyper-spatial dimensions." These were later called scalar waves by Tom Beardon. Before Maxwell's theories were made public, however, the hyper-spatial aspects were written out and his theories reduced to a few dumbed-dow­n official theories sanctioned by academia. Although is only conjecture, one has to wonder whether these parts of Maxwell's theory were removed intentionally, and made available only on a need-to-know basis when it was discovered that hyper-spatial dimensional energy had a direct impact on consciousness and opened a theoretical door to time travel and other exotic possibilities...

To live in quantum time is to know that all events occur at once. It is indicative of a more holographic and wholistic—or Holy, if you like—way of Being. I like the image of a spherical holographic structure representing everything happening at once. Specific events occur anywhere within the sphere, yet all events are held within
 a singularity, if you like, occurring at the point of Creation—out creation of the universe of form. We, as focal
points of awareness within the hologram, seem to attach to a specific set of experiences, or a time-line within the sphere, much as a specific conditioned thought becomes a specific neural pathway in the brain. As we expand to a more transpersonal view of the Self we all share, we begin to move in multiple pathways at once. This is when we begin to see ourselves in others, and the distinctions of separation begin to melt. Eventually as we expand into our full potential, we inhabit all timelines at once and realize Oneness.

Navigating the Collapse of Time, 2011, David Ian Cowan

You understand that there are spectrums of light. So are there spectrums of matter. Your system of physical reality is not dense in comparison with some others. The dimensions that you give to physical matter barely begin to hint at the varieties of dimensions possible. Some systems are far heavier or lighter than your own, though this may not involve weight in the terms with which you are familiar…

The physical brain alone cannot pick up these connections with any great success. The mind, which is the inner counterpart of the brain, can at times perceive the far greater dimensions of any given event through a burst of sudden intuition or comprehension that cannot be adequately described on a verbal level.

As I have said frequently, time as you think of it does not exist, yet in your terms, time's true nature could be understood if the basic nature of the atom was ever made known to you. In one way, an atom could be compared to a microsecond. It seems as if an atom "exists" steadily for a certain amount of time. Instead it phases in and out, so to speak. It fluctuates in a highly predictable pattern and rhythm. It can be perceived within your system only at certain points in this fluctuation, so it seems to scientists that the atom is steadily present. They are not aware of any gaps of absence as far as the atom is concerned. In those periods of nonphysical projection, the off periods of fluctuation, the atoms "appear" in another system of reality. In that system they are perceived in what are "on" points of fluctuation, and in that system also then the atoms (seem to) appear steadily. There are many such points of fluctuation, but your system of course is not aware of them, nor of the ultimate actions, universes, and systems that exist within them.

The Seth Material, 1970, Jane Roberts

The narrow frequency band of awareness in which your altered-ego is designed to operate has the importance of assisting your bio-computer through the maze of objects that surrounds it. This is a question of merely possessing the perception that works best for negotiating your auto vehicles or any other physical movement.

When the potential of your consciousness is open to the Genius Frequency, you have the power to shift conscious awareness to any frequency you choose. As it is, you are trapped in 1/10 of the realization of the indescribable beauty of your world and all universes, as well as the ability to interact in the other dimensions where the solutions to all of your problems lie…

The nature of the altered-ego is designed to fixate you in this minute 10% awareness of consciousness and convince you that the narrow frequency band comprising the sensory organs is all that there is to life, or at least all that you are capable of perceiving without the use of expensive technology to which few have access. It further restricts the entity by internalizing the fear of what it perceives and suspects as the unknown. The latter is interpreted as death or total annihilation, to be feared at all costs…

In reality, death is merely the change of the frequency of perception, withdrawing the prismatic functions of
the bio-computer that enables you to interact with matter on an intimate level.

The Genius Frequency, 2000, John J. Falone

One of the key factors that dictates which type of reality you experience (both collectively and individually) is your brain-wave frequency. Humans generate a collective brain-wave frequency, which then creates and
solidifies the surrounding reality based on a set of paradigms that directly reflect brain-wave frequency and
states of consciousness. Extraterrestrial beings emit different frequencies through which they too create
the reality in which they find themselves.

Frequently human and ET brain-wave frequency realities are not compatible, thus preventing face-to-face contact. As your frequency shifts and you become more perceptive of the greater reality around you, you then become able to interface with other levels of reality. As the human consciousness evolves, so does the ability to
generate more flexible and expansive brain states...

You cannot wait for another to heal your world; you must each take responsibility. There are an infinite number
of choices leading to an infinite number of possibilities for your future. The important thing is to make your choices wisely now. The actions that you take from these choices will shape your future in a profound way.

Your choices dictate your frequency, and your frequency dictates your reality.

Reality is never objective. It is always subjective because you are the creator of it. If there are ten people in the room with you right now, then there are ten realities superimposed over each other. You are all interacting with-in your overlapping realities based on your perceptions and beliefs. There is a general consensus reality composed of the compatible paradigms of each of the ten people in the room. If you want to change your individual reality, that entails changing your thoughts and beliefs. If you want to change your consensus reality, that entails changing the overlapping paradigms themselves. This comes from first changing individual thought. It all comes back to personal responsibility.

Millennium: Tools For The Coming Changes, 1997, Lyssa Royal

Through meditation and contemplation you can create a Divine Canvas to begin to recreate thought-forms that are free from the electromagnetic generation of polarities. In other words, by disconnecting attention from the dense material realms, it is free to move and to be aware of other dimensions.

When you are operating on this frequency, you begin to sense the presence of other energy domains. There are other frequencies of Light (capital L) that create vehicles of consciousness that can tunnel through all dimensions of universal domains…

Meditation is the first step in controlling the receiver/transmitter mechanism…

Each and every one of you is a seed crystal if the Divine Mind, which supports ALL CREATION. Thus you are a
living hologram, or micro-replica of that creation. In other words, your true I-dentity is synonymous with
GOD-MIND. What other I-dentity could you have?

The Genius Frequency, 2000, John J. Falone

We have said many times of late in your time frame that what you consider to be your
personality is an artificial construct, and is not who and what you are...

Understand that what you experience as your physical reality is all a symbol. If you wish to use the term illusion,
all right. That may clarify it for you... You understand that everything in your universe is a matter, physically,
of vibration.
You cannot perceive anything that you are not. The vibration you are creates what you perceive the physical reality to be... Everything you perceive, every individual in the room, is your creation. You have
to create your version of them in order to perceive them. You follow me?...

As most of you have been learning these past few years, you are the creators of your own physiological reality, but not many of you understand what the mechanism is by which you create that reality. This mechanism is directly interlinked with your definitions, your belief systems, of the physiological reality you “think” you ought to be experiencing, the physical reality you have been taught to think you ought to be experiencing.

The idea always falls down on the notion of definitions. Your own physicists now—many of them—are beginning to realize that your physiological reality really does not have an empirical existence apart from you, that there is no such thing as physical reality without your definition of it, without your imagination to give it life, to give it existence...

Everything is energy; everything vibrates at different frequencies. The only reason one thing is different from another thing is because there are energies and frequencies which are different rates, different pitches than other frequencies.

That difference in frequencies is exactly what determines what you perceive to be this object from that object, this person from that person. Everyone is made out of the same one homogenous substance. The only reason you appear to be different is because of the pitch, or vibrational rate, at which you operate, the level at which you define yourselves to be. Every being within creation is a self-aware, self­-reflective, free-will entity, a holographic representation of the Infinite Creation. You all have the ability to operate on any number
of frequency levels that you so desire. Those frequency levels are automatically determined by the
beliefs you buy into most strongly, what you believe is most true for you…

The events in your life can only be 100% reflective of the person you have decided you are. So if you are experiencing events in your life you no longer prefer, then allow yourself to recognize that your ability to even imagine there is another way to be, is being the other way. All you have to do is to put into physical action the certainty that your ability to imagine there is another way, is the reality of being that other person.

You, as a persona, are an artificial construct of your consciousness; when your consciousness changes the idea of itself, the person you are is a different person—literally. Only the things that are conducive to that type of
 person's life will be what you will experience in that life. It is only mechanics, only physics. Whatever vibration you believe yourself to be will be the life you have. Plain and simple. Anything that is not of the vibration you
are cannot be experienced in your reality...

At any given moment you are absolutely self-contained and quite capable of determining what your reality is going to be like—regardless of what agreements you have made. Many of those agreements are for the purpose of getting you to the point of realizing you can create your reality the way you wish it to be.

Relax and lighten up on yourself. You are an empowered being; you are right now your own unique chosen reflection of the Infinite Creation. Act like it.

Bashar: Blueprint for Change, 1990, Darryl Anka

In the holographic model, we say that the information of the whole is contained in each part. This is the same thing as saying that the information is distributed non-locally. We have also found that, at the quantum level,
 all particles are also waves. Thus, all of physical reality is essentially nothing but interference patterns.

It might be a good idea for us to contemplate the meaning of this last statement for a moment. Imagine an endless web of energy patterns. Science has discovered that, at the quantum level, these waves of energy are connected non-locally. This means that every portion of the pattern is infinitely interconnected with every other portion. It is essential to remember that we are not objective observers to this field of crisscrossing frequency
patterns. We are it.

David Bohm suggests the possibility that this underlying unity of existence produces the physical world in the
same way as a holographic plate produces a hologram. Could it be that our experiential perception of separateness is nothing more than a holographic illusion? Bohm describes the deeper level of reality as the "implicate", or enfolded, order. He refers to the level of reality of our everyday experience, as the
 "explicate," or unfolded, order.

This is not to say that our physical existence is unreal. However, it is helpful to understand it simply as a
 secondary reality...

Let us consider what we are really observing when we perceive a physical object. Consider the paper you are reading and words on the page. What you see out there is not what exists directly where it seems to be. You are perceiving a holographic blur of frequency patterns that are translated into a pattern of neural stimulation, which in turn is experienced as the object out there. In fact, the process of determining that the object exists out there occurs only in your mind's interpretation of the neural stimulation.

When you look up at the stars, you are seeing light that left the stars millions and perhaps billions of years ago. Again, we are not seeing what is there directly; we are seeing a pattern of neural stimulation created by our interpretation of the light. The same holds true for all the physical senses...

Our material reality is but a filtered version of the ultimate unity which connects everything. This filtered
 version creates separateness because it only perceives bits and pieces of the whole at a time. If we could
remove the filter, we would experience reality directly as an interference pattern where all information is distributed non-locally.
Again, let's not forget that we are this pattern. Your hands, this paper, the trees outside the window, our solar system, the entire universe; it's all a seamless, unbroken extension of everything else.
 It is one thing. If this is true then there can be no objective reality because the observer, the process of observing, and the observed become one thing.

Holographic Reality of Being: The Nonlocal Universal Mind

There is a subtle programming that exists in human consciousness in this world. You could say it's an agreement.
 You could say it's a mass hypnosis. There is, in the minds of human beings, a connection with the collective consciousness, a part of which involves this agreement. You are born into this world in an open state, in an
 open consciousness. But immediately there begins a subtle programming. You are hypnotized to experience
 the world just as all other beings are experiencing it.

You are hypnotized with incantations: "See the ball. This is a tree. Look at the nice kitty". And it proceeds from these simpler levels all the way through your more advanced training. And inherent within these dialogues, these incantations, you experience a subtler energy, a pattern of belief, a pattern of agreement. "Well, we have all agreed that trees look like this and feel like this, and because we all hold this same agreement, you will also."
 Most of you have not even seen the true presence of a tree. You have seen what you were programmed to
see in that tree. Most of you have not seen human beings as the incredible luminous light beings that you
Because within this agreement is also the chosen picture, the expression that you will accept of what a human being looks like...

What you are working to accomplish in meditation and spiritual practice is to disconnect that internal pro-gramming, to have a direct experience of reality with all of its marvels and wonders. The filters that hold
you in limitation exist in the mind, in the ego perception.
They are planted there via these hypnotic incantations. And the only way to transcend them completely is to reach the still point within you at the
 center of your being, to transcend that internal program, that ego you have come to accept as yourself.
 In those moments, within that stillness, your spirit and the magnificence of who you are can penetrate
and  reveal to you the visions of your higher aspects.

Jewels On the Path, 1995, Eric Klein

As you come to realize that there are many dimensions, numerous densities and infinite
 worlds in space, your view of life will change accordingly.

Good and bad exists throughout the universe. Evil or bad,... is simply looked at...as undeveloped good.
Whoever embodies the negative or lower aspects of thought, action and emotion will take much longer to
learn the divine qualities... we all must come to understand. The road for people who lash out while
trying to control another sovereign being, will be long and hard indeed.

The people who get it,...who are in a state of peace, love, equality, bliss, freedom, truth and do no harm
to other sovereign beings,...are absolutely on the correct path.

It is time for you to learn to create the world that you want to see.

The time to begin is now.

Alex Collier, Project Camelot Awake and Aware Conference, September 2009

The ego identifies itself through our experiences and never truly desires to let go of them, even if they are negative. Because self-identification is crucial to the ego's survival, that self-identification always perceives us to be flat, one-dimensional beings caught in time and space. We are not. We are not. The ego can be released from the bonds of fear. How? Through states of wonderment and ecstasy, it can expand itself into an expression of divine energy. Then we can begin viewing the hologram of the multidimensional self. The expansion of the consciousness to embrace that multi-dimensional reality is what enlightenment is all about...

Your soul is here to perceive past the limitation of your five senses, past the limitation of the immediate world around you. Something else is impinging on you. Something else is pushing you. You are all multidimensional beings. You are brilliant light-souls who have a frame of reference for being out of body, for being in light body, for knowing all things. In fact, you have the capacity within your very being to heal yourselves, to heal each other, to perform miracles...

The finite mind, within its linear modality, utilizes only about 10 percent of the brain's capacity. The other 90 percent lies dormant, waiting for us to discover it. We do have a vehicle capable of that octave of exploration.
 I call it the "higher mind."

The higher mind thinks holographically. It utilizes all the avenues of perception and realizes all the possible echoes and ramifications. We can teach ourselves to recognize and access the higher mind. It pulsates at a different speed, allowing us to filter through two or three or ten dimensions at once with recognition and understanding.
It allows the left and right hemispheres of the brain to synchronize. When these hemispheres begin to pulsate in unison, there is a change in the actual physiology of the brain waves that facilitates a heightened awareness.
Most importantly, the higher mind accesses multidimensional increments of knowledge and realities so that we
can utilize these realities as tools in this dimension. This is the genius octave of consciousness, and it
belongs to us all...

The really hard thing to break through is the ego... The ego is that which keeps us in the third dimension; it allows us to function there, but it's like one sliver of the hologram, and that's the difficulty of it. It blocks, it veils our conscious access to all those other bodies we've had, to all those other thought forms we've been attached
 to, and it constricts us...

As soon as we begin to access the higher mind, the ego will go through levels of expansion. When we experience for a brief moment that we are the same as a tree, or that we are floating in water and we are the water,
the ego begins to go through decrystallization. It begins to become a new entity which has not yet rooted
itself in this planet...

We are breaking through the barrier; we are breaking through the constriction of the finite mind and being able to palpate this progression, this pulsation of life/death, life/death, so that we can break that patterning. When we experience ourselves multidimensionally...we begin to have the opportunity to make those kinds of changes that allow us to merge on a soul level in our divine selves. That is, where no good or evil or judgment is to be gotten, we can come into these lifetimes at this time on this planet as masters. As all the prophecies have stated from the beginning of time, and are still saying, this pivotal time is when we awaken or we die. Want to check that out? Pick up a newspaper. Look at what is happening in this world... Everything that we perceive outside ourselves is a mirror for what is happening inside ourselves.

The way we can create change in this world—on this globe, in this family, in this relationship, in this job—is right here. We've got nothing else besides a myriad of coverings that are useless to us. Inside us, we have the most profound wealth, the most profound wisdom that can guide us in any decision, in any experience, into the light, into who we are. We are not negativity; we are not imperfection; we are not hopelessness. We are not victims. But we don't experience that, we don't experience our power. So we have to find a way to break the barrier
 so that we can come into contact with that power, admit we have it, recognize it, and allow
ourselves to step forward. It is time to become who we are now.

Ecstasy Is A New Frequency, 1987, Chris Griscom

Those who persist in the myopic, ego-centered focus of the present will fall by the wayside as they encounter
 and integrate the higher frequencies. The thrust of the momentum toward the unification of all consciousness
will not touch some and spare others. All will feel and manifest the consequences of aligning with or resisting the powerful energies of change. All will know, as they rise to the fullness of their potential as beings, or succumb to their stubborn refusal to acknowledge their connectedness, that the force they have encountered is undeniable. Some will call it God and will open with the fullness of their essence to the opportunity to integrate and become One with All That Is. And some will grumble and curse their deteriorated circumstances and blame others for their plight.

As the schism widens between those living in alignment and those living in separation from the energy of Oneness, it will not be possible to maintain a position of compromise. Ultimately, the choice must be made to respond to the energy that reaches out to include you in its loving embrace. Recognizing that invitation, within the depths
 of one's heart, is the beginning of the process. And as the smile of inner recognition spreads across your face,
you know, without knowing how, that a passionate, never-ending journey has begun.

Oneness: the Teachings, 2003, received & transcribed by Rasha

The typical and clearly partially-informed attitude of the average religious person today affirms complacently
 the narrow belief that nothing special needs be done, and that all grace will be bestowed in good time upon everyone alike without the need to make any effort whatsoever. This idea is absolutely untrue. Spiritual growth upon Earth progresses only in accord with the Law of Free Will. In passively allowing ourselves to be molded by
our surroundings, we ordinarily become, more or less, a product of our environment. Unless and until we make
 a conscious effort to rise above the norm, we shall inevitably remain programmed and limited by the established standards of our society...

However, at this vital juncture in human development, should we remain inert, making no decisions, eliciting no action of our own volition and, therefore, allowing our will to abide in dormancy, then the Law of Recompense will remain at best neutral for us, and consequently nothing spiritually positive is going to come our way. Indeed, considering the general level of selfishness and negativity that abounds in the world today, as well as its infectious nature, just the opposite is likely to ensue. The sober individual may wish to seriously contemplate just how it may feel at the time of the Great Shift to experience a tremendous torrent of high-frequency energy as it surges through an unprepared personality who is host to numerous psychological and emotional impurities.
This likelihood is today looming upon mankind's horizon, and is closer than most of us might like to believe.

The New Call, 2005, Esoteric Publishing

We are now receiving high dimensional frequencies of light and energy in the Earth and within human consciousness. Many of these frequencies are emanating from the galactic center and are being transferred
 to us via a relay from the sun.

Some of these frequencies we would describe as “new” because humans have not had ready access to these
bands within an earth incarnation for between 12,000 and 26,000 years. These multidimensional frequencies emanate from beyond our time and space physical dimension.  

Some of these frequencies move at the etheric, emotional, and mind levels which travel faster than all the spectrums of physical light. The higher frequency domains, in which we now have a more open access through increased healing and more harmonious subtle energetic dimensions of spirit, soul, and body, exist at the level of the Spirit in the heart and are non-local. Thus, these energies really do not travel. They manifest according to
the information and intent of consciousness according to coordinates in a universal field.

We see the 3D effects of the galactic energies in the recent activity of the sun through many M class and a few
 X class solar flares. They emit plasma and electromagnetic charged particles which affect the earth as they penetrate through areas of the earth’s weakening magnetic field. One area in which we see these energies reflected at the physical level is in earthquakes, volcanoes, and volatile shifting weather patterns.

These subtle energies emerge from higher dimensions and are transduced into the physical dimension through torsion fields. These vortex spin energies are stepped down from lighter to more dense frequencies as they traverse from dimension to dimension. The dimensions extend in a continuum from first through sixth physical dimensions, to the seventh through twelfth wholly non-physical dimensions, and beyond to the purely spiritual dimensions. Many of these energies are stepped down into the 3D physical from within the galactic center.  
They in turn interact with the sun and are then transferred to the Earth.

The Divine and angelic hierarchy, along with the assistance of other intelligent extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional beings, coordinate the higher spiritual evolution with the timing of galactic cycles, Earth ascension, and the soul evolution of humanity. We are currently at a major shift point where the information and energy
is enabling a decision point to heal, transform, evolve, and ascend to a fifth dimensional unity consciousness
 on Earth.

During the past two months, there has been a major surge in high frequency energy. This seems to correlate with the beginning of the ninth wave of the universal underworld according to Carl Johan Calleman’s understanding of the transformation of consciousness through the Mayan Calendar. These energies are opening the potential for accelerated healing and transformation of human consciousness and the bioenergy field.  

We have the opportunity to shift the Earth human to the true self in Divine unity. This is the essence of the
human soul in unity with God expressed in the spirit, soul, and body form.  We are now within an energetic opening where we have the potential to evolve the multi-dimensional human to a higher dimensional
incarnate light being within an Earth incarnation.

In these times, it is important to keep our consciousness grounded to the Earth and continue to move steadily through the increasing waves of energy.  his will allow the deeper healing, transformation, and evolution of
the spirit, soul, heart, mind, emotions, and body.  As we continue to anchor in and integrate the influx of
 light, information, consciousness, and energy, we evolve into our true self in Divine unity.

We are working to consciously manifest the essence of our infinite and eternal being through our incarnate consciousness on Earth. This is the movement to the heart-centered unity consciousness of the fifth dimension.

Surging Galactic Energy and the Evolving Human Consciousness

There is a highly catalytic energy coming from deep space, which is striking the Great Central Sun (of your
galaxy) and the Sun of your solar system. Your Sun is experiencing immense changes in its magnetic field, and
 this is, in turn, affecting the magnetic field of your Earth. This is altering many dynamic systems on your planet including, but not limited to, the oceanic conveyer belt. This deep-space energy that is affecting both the
Sun and your Earth is essentially an energy of accelerating self-awareness and spiritual evolution.

The universe (or at least this part of it) is waking up to itself in new and different ways. And this process of increased self-awareness is speeding things up, so to speak. It is important to realize that what looks like a disturbance at one level of consciousness can be seen as a catalyst at another level.

Whether life is allowed to continue on this planet or not, will be decided collectively through a reaction to the choices you make as humanity. If the collective is able to receive these energies from deep space and make an evolutionary and spiritual leap, the disturbance of the electromagnetic fields, specifically the magnetic poles,
will not affect the conveyer belt the way that it is now. Think of yourself as living on a giant gyroscope. The slightest movement of a gyroscope creates tremendous movement in the rings of the gyroscope, the stabilizing rings. So the gyroscope of Earth is fluctuating, but this fluctuation can be expressed as physical manifestation, or
as elevations of consciousness. But if the collective consciousness of this Earth does not elevate quick enough, then the gyroscope will simply transfer the energy to the physical dimension, specifically the magnetic poles and the magnetic field, which, in turn, affects the conveyer belt. If the conveyer stops, life, as you know it, will become very difficult or end altogether, quickly. We would say to you that you are very close to this point.

As to weather, expect increasingly turbulent storms of greater strength and amplitude.

We wish to convey to you a clear understanding that these storms are an out-picturing of the violence, the misdirected energy, and the imbalance of human consciousness. If, somehow, enough individual consciousnesses within the collective are able to elevate themselves into the fifth or higher dimensions of consciousness, the energies from deep space will be integrated through the process of elevation.

If, collectively, you are not able to attain this, these energies will affect the physical aspect of Earth's gyroscope, to use that metaphor. And life as you know it and have experienced it will be very difficult due to climatic and Earth changes.

You are about to see a tremendous increase in geothermal activity, including volcanoes and earthquakes. You are already seeing a tremendous increase in tornadoes and this will only escalate. The hurricanes that will be coming
in the next year and the years to follow will make previous hurricanes seem like a gentle breeze.

So let us summarize the first idea we wish to convey. The impulse for increased consciousness is flowing from deep space, striking your Sun, and affecting the subtle energies of your earth. If humanity is able to rise to a level of spiritual mastery these affects will be decreased, transmuted, and become a source for further elevation...

Build your house upon solid ground, not the shifting sands. And in this case, the shifting sands are your monetary system. The solid ground is your connection to your own God-Self. Finally we wish to say to you that as difficult as the challenges are, you are still the Masters of your destiny, although you slumber in forgetfulness. If you are to survive you must awaken...

The Hathors through Tom Kenyon

So, the holographic bubble is collapsing, at times causing massive parallel mergers in the tens of thousands per minute. Linear time is collapsing as it evolves toward a simultaneous time structure (Infinite NOW). Linear space
is expanding, as it evolves towards simultaneous space (Infinite Presence).

Parallel mergers are often disorienting—lots of dizziness, shaking, shimmering vision, and breaches of continuity...

As Spirit is placing you into a new positioning with regard to the ascension, many of you are feeling complete
with your work on this plane. Allow old forms and models to gracefully drop away. A new form is evolving.
You may find that you are more expressive or that you must be wildly creative...

Are you busy fighting "The Enemy?" Have you pulled out your Light sword and are righteously battling the secret government, the Greys, the dark forces, etc.? Does this truly match your vision of Heaven on Earth? Are you focused on extraterrestrials trying to control the Earth? Are you participating with pictures of reality that hold humankind as victim, dupes, or a colonized food source? How does this mesh with the view that each person is a vast, multidimensional master? Have you exchanged your connection with your own Spirit for one with a guru, an Ascended Master, or a channeled entity? The universe will rearrange itself to accommodate your pictures of reality. What do you want—really? Your Spirit is shifting your positioning in relation to ascension. Allow the sweetness of transfiguration to fill your soul. Follow your own beloved Spirit, with each breath and each step. Live Heaven!

What Is Lightbody?, 2005, Tashira Tachi-ren