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and instills a sense of confidence, that I have overcome this obstacle, passed the test (this time). What remains most in my consciousness is the sheer beauty of the place, its gorgeous, pristine splendor — the wonderful majestic buttes and vertical rock walls, the ubiquitous little lizards, and switchback after switchback of loose talus slopes — not to mention the threatening swift current of the mighty Colorado River and its razor-like effect on the sandstone and granite…

I love the Canyon. Whenever I am away from it for any length of time I feel it beckoning to me, almost daring me to return to descend into it’s mysterious depths. And each time that I descend the Canyon tests me. It evokes in me all the strength, all the courage and endurance that I can muster. The Canyon serves as a proving ground for my own self-overcoming. It fosters in me a sense of self-reliance, of independence, and