IN YOUR SOCIETY TODAY, THE TRUTH OF THE STATE OF YOUR EARTH is hushed up. It's a big secret that the world
is dying. Did you know that? They can't let the investors get hold of that kind of information. They've got to keep the money coming in and interests rates have got to stay high and the dollar has to stay the same. The dollars are what's important. You can't let the truth out because your investors would be enraged.

The dependence on your paper money illusion is so great that they would hide the fact that the world is dying just so that check can come in every month. That's what you have when people leave the land, leaving behind only a few responsible for providing food, clothing, shelter, water and the bounty of life. That's what happens when humanity chooses to live in caves made of glass instead of in harmony with the earth. When you are no longer in harmony with the earth, you are no longer in harmony with the life force. You get out of sync.

Nature is ahead of the human being in evolution, and yet you call this civilization. Civilization is one of the most dangerous things that ever happened to the human being. The process of civilization is a learning, yes. But it is a trap. Look what you have to go through just to be acceptable every day. Look what you depend on. Can you stop driving your auto machine? Can you stop turning the key and spewing exhaust out of the other end? Can you stop
buying petrol? Can you stop using plastics?...

There are people who are finally waking up to the destruction of the planet and there will be an outcry. That is a blessing. And someday humanity will wake up off its soft haunches and begin to march against tyranny, and when that happens, tyranny won't be able to do anything but be over­ thrown. Look at the numbers. Only a small group
 of people control the world
. What if everyone woke up and said, "Enough. I'm not going to have this in my experience any longer." Then you would have the first civilization that wasn't history!

History repeats itself because civilization is an image of the past. America is built on Rome's ashes. That's how it works. Every civilization gets "beiged" out, hypnotized out, civilized out, until they become ignorant numbers...

If everyone woke up and said "Enough!" and took up the march against the governments, against the lawmakers, and against those who control the greed, things would change. If enough people rejected the plastic and said "Give it to me in my hand." If enough people turned off their electricity, refused to use the service, and refused
to turn on the car, then genius would run rampant. Because sitting in the files at the auto makers are the plans for perpetual motion machines; they just couldn't "afford" to make them before.

But if energy were free, how would they control the people then? And we certainly can't have that!

Don't you know what you are in reality? I'll tell you what your teachers have known. You are slaves under the
 yoke of a tyrannical few who rule the world. And you say "OK" every time you write out a check!...

The world is waiting, as matter, to be changed. It's dying. It has to be changed. The human being is waiting for
 the human psyche to be engaged, and in that engagement, be transformed. The human body is waiting to
become light. It is waiting for a rebirth...

UFO's and the Nature of Reality: Understanding Alien Consciousness
 and Interdimensional Mind,
1991, Edited by Judi Pope Koteen

We have noticed that your idea of intelligence and our idea of intelligence have very little to do with one another. For instance, you call yourselves an intelligent species, yet you are dangerously close to making your planet uninhabitable by anything other than asphalt. You have also managed to place yourselves at the top of
the endangered-species list. May we point out that even a virus demonstrates a more astute grasp of its situation than that. The only reason a virus is inclined to trash out its environment is in its well-calculated attempt to maintain its life.

We have also noticed that you use the word "smart" in conjunction with business swindles and corrupt deals.
When someone sells property that is located on a quicksand bog, you say, "Boy, was that a smart move!" You also think it is incredibly clever to sell a used car for top dollar without mentioning that it has no transmission. Both these examples are trumped-up illustrations that lack the malignancy of your actual activities. Your governments, your corporations, and your citizenry commit mind-boggling atrocities in the name of material cunning, and
 all human commerce is riddled with spiritual scandal.

Moreover, though such acts may technically be fraud according to your laws, fraud is an issue only if you have the misfortune of getting caught. Otherwise, these acts remain shrewd business moves, the products of brilliant minds. For obvious reasons, we are perplexed by your concept of intelligence and would like to offer another definition.

The basic misunderstanding of this term arises from the fact that the inhabitants of this planet have confused brains for intelligence. A brain is an instrument of intelligence, while intelligence is a force. Intelligence is the force of life expressing itself in created form. It exists in all life, regardless of whether it has a brain or not. Through the misuse of your mental processes, you have come to regard intelligence as the art of one- upmanship in acts of spiritual barbarism. You have somehow managed to reduce rationality to the mental faculty that enables you to grab the most the fastest. Meanwhile, true intelligence is an alignment with the matrix of creation and its source. It is an allegiance to light and an embracing of life, not a demonstration of
 how adept you are at the act of denial.

Our purpose here on this planet is to assist in freeing you from denial so that you can finally begin to think
 straight. It is our mandate as well as our longing to help raise you out of your deranged thought process up
 to the status of a truly intelligent life form.

E.T. 101: The Cosmic Instruction Manual, An Emergency Remedial Edition,
Co-Created by Mission Control & Zoev Jho

Where there is a deep wound on the physical being, there is a natural tendency to protect it with bandages and
by avoiding physical activity that would cause further exposure to contact, which would in turn cause further pain. In this metaphor, that protectiveness can symbolize the deep wounds of your collective peoples and your culture. There are deep, tender wounds regarding your knowing of what you are doing to each other and your planetary home, all while you are busy chasing golf balls. These activities often mask hopelessness in an individual who does not recognize how one can possibly make a dent in the numbers of your elderly who are destitute, or the needs of your homeless, or the starvation of your children worldwide. And so the mind splits off through a protective mechanism and finds pursuit in mindless entertainment and experiences that allow most effectively a deflection
 of noticing the wound, and thereby avoidance of feeling the pain and the oozing infection of that wound.

To illustrate, masses of your people are mesmerized by events that glorify where a ball bounces or rolls. This can be an indication of society's unconscious attempt to anesthetize a growing wound by so easily and readily finding mass appeal in the journey of a little white ball or large brown one. You then grant celebrity status to those who can bounce, bat, hit, or strike those balls the best.

This does not take away from the individual accomplishment of your professional athletes, but what it does symbolize is your global tendency to deny funds, attention, and reward often to the very individuals and groups who are making the greatest headway toward the healing of your globe. Instead you lavish your praise, attention, and wealth upon activities and obsessions that keep you diverted from your most pressing global wounds. This is a double-edged sword, to which many of your environmentalists can attest, because in the declaration of the wake-up call, there is a tendency for your society to not merely ignore, but to actually punish the messenger by channeling that unconscious rage at self and society– and to unconsciously project that anger at activists or others who remind you of your tendency at the moment to destroy yourselves and your home. These are the individuals who are most effectively making practical higher ideals and yet are most denied and rejected by society.
Instead, you wake up to your morning paper, eager to read about and follow up on the goings-on of a bouncing ball. This is not to say that there is anything at all wrong with sports. We are only asking you to notice how
 much attention is placed on such things, in relation to your global dilemmas.

This does not mean that enlightened beings do not engage in relaxing activities that involve hobby-like pursuits. But enlightened beings would first tend to a gaping gunshot wound, in their fellow or in themselves, before
 playing Ping-Pong. The wound would first be tended to, for gangrene awaits and to deny the wound by
 upping the stakes at the Ping-Pong table is purely a form of denial.

So it is not wrong, nor is it "bad," it is simply an example of a culture that cannot, at this moment, seem to put societal attention on the wound, because to do so would strike alarm at the heart of humankind. To treat a
wound as life threatening would first require that one notice it as such, and not pretend it's a light bruise.

Enlightened beings would certainly pursue the delightful play of Ping-Pong, but after having facilitated the funds and attention to the wound in the same manner and degree to which those funds, awareness, and attention
would be made available to the Ping-Pong match and its players.

To do so the other way around is sleepwalking.

Talking To Extraterrestrials, 2002, Lisette Larkins

An economic system allowing some to accumulate enormous wealth while others live home- less on the street cannot persist. A political system based on the abdication of personal responsibility and the tyranny of the majority cannot be sustained. A religious institution which weaves an anachronistic cosmology of a paternal creator-in-the-sky to which all must pledge obedience or burn in eternal fire cannot answer humanity's spiritual needs. A species which plunders and rapes the planet on which it depends, and whose population grows beyond the planet's capacity to support it, cannot survive...

Capitalism is fueled by the goal of perpetual growth. This fixation with linear economic growth violates nature's principle of working in cycles, feedback, loops. Since western culture's economy is built on the two pillars of consumerism and war, and since both pillars require the destruction of natural resources, the goal of perpetually expanding such an economy is ultimately suicidal. Like a reckless heir carelessly spending his inheritance,
western culture grinds up its capital—natural resources—far faster than nature can replace it. The ultimate
 outcome of such a system is not only collapse of the economy, but of the global ecosystem as well...

Your earth is now at the most crucial danger point of its history, for you hold in your power both the capacity
 to destroy yourselves with nuclear death and to make the planet unlivable through environmental degradation. However large the problems of the past, never has the planet as a whole faced such dire peril, literally threatening to unravel nature's meticulously interwoven web of life. Flipping this situation over, examining
the positive side, never have you held such opportunity to correct your course, to do so en masse as a unified
 people and race. For  ecological catastrophe respects no boundaries; neither does radiation. You will face
 up to these problems as a species, united, or will perish in the detritus of your common ignorance

Spirit Wisdom, 1995, Ramón Stevens

History has woven a tangled web of negativity about Earth's superb body. Why do humans, whose hearts are so warm and tender, subject themselves to the worship of conclusions based on unyielding logic? Justifying their behavior upon callous, meticulous calculations, your leaders are close to accomplishing an act of suicidal insanity,
 a demolishing of the vital forces that sustain the health of beautiful Earth.

Surely it is an anomaly that with the diversity of spiritual resources available, humans seem to favor any opportunity to worship the negative impulses of fear rather than their heart-minds' emotional pleas to create
 a world built on love, harmony, and peace. The sensitive carry an increasing burden of sorrow and despair
while the courageous continue to nurture trust and hope that the plants and animals they so dearly love will
 not slip over the brink to extinction.

Judge, you physicians, the schizophrenia of the people, the splitting of the psyche, the schizoid madness that propels them along their perverse course. The devastating energies of fear permeate their lives. Truly, it is
 an insane act to consciously choose the evil influence of the Dark Lords!

Even our patience wearies at times as we observe the depth of hopelessness that overwhelms those who live their lives vainly searching for Love's sweet promise. Few choose to direct their attention elsewhere. Humans greedy for power and material gain tightly clasp the bridle of Earth chariot in a last, futile attempt to subjugate the people. We strongly warn those of you who persist in playing fear's soon-to-be outmoded game: The cart your shortsighted, head-strong attitudes drive is headed toward the rim of a dark pit. The light-seeking beings you leave in your wake will be picked up as if on the wings of eagles and flown to the stars.

As always, the media are replete with atrocities that humans increasingly perpetrate upon one another. There is no justification for treacherous behavior, and the Spiritual Hierarchy will not be satisfied with lame, childish excuses.

Humans cower in fear of a one world order, for they dread losing their will to the exploitations of capitalism, communism, socialism, Platonism, or other form of political, religious, military, economic, or scientific demagoguery. They do not understand that Oneness heralds the promise of a golden future, that the
 squalors of dogmatic thought foster the pain of duality. They suffer from the painful illusion that they
 are exempt from practicing Universal Law.

Rigorously, you bottle up your greatest desires. Your logic-loving intellects allow little room to explore the beautiful visions the mystics dream, and it greatly troubles you when you fear you cannot grasp the abundant substance of truth. But it is no longer necessary for you to wallow in a sea of sadness and lack of worth. Yank
 out and toss away that rotten old cork that keeps you clinging to the terrors of your past. Permit all that
you truly are to flow magnificently free...

Eagles of the New Dawn, 1997, Patricia Pereira

Your world views history as a record of everything important that has ever happened. Nothing could be
further from the truth. History is little more than the distorted chronicling of endless human ego posturing
 whose sole purpose has been to reinforce the state of denial. Since the planet has decided that "no" is no
longer an acceptable answer, historic times have no choice but to come to an end...

You have no doubt noticed that this planet's civilizations rise and fall with remarkable regularity. Historical accounts of these events invariably explain the reason for the decline. In the case of the demise of Rome, historians point to such contributing factors as moral decadence and a rather unfortunate epidemic of lead poisoning. However, these were merely the symptoms, not the cause, of Rome's ruin.

The true reason for the nauseating up-and-down motion of all human civilizations, Rome included, is that their ideologies, political systems, and social structures have failed to liberate anybody—especially themselves—from
 the vice-like grip of fear. Civilizations fall for one reason only: They are all built on fear and denial.

Their subjects subsequently lose themselves in orgies or wine and dine themselves on lead to either distract themselves from that horrible fact or to get themselves out of it as fast as they can. And, because the real issue is never faced, human bondage continues uninterrupted from one civilization to the next, ensuring the ultimate collapse of each one in turn. History isn't exactly repeating itself—it is stuttering over an issue it hasn't addressed.

Americans are another excellent example of this repeated dysfunctional descent into slavery and collapse.
Duped by their Declaration of Independence, they fancy themselves to be free. But having a voice in where
 the next nuclear plant will be built instead of whether it should be built, being able to eat anything they wish from a totally infected food chain, and having the inalienable right to file for an extension on paying the taxes
that are being used to kill them are not exactly the freedoms that the authors of their constitution had in mind.

The fact that their personal prisons may be expensive, tastefully decorated, and equipped with a stereo, a TV,
and a VCR does not make their confines any less a cell. Trading life for economic survival is not liberty; liberty is freedom from both fear and survival. That was the freedom that was originally intended to flourish in the United States. In truth, the author behind the authors of the American Constitution was Spirit—not the Bank of America, the Federal Reserve, or the IRS.

America, by acting out of fear, is busily turning its back on its own destiny and facing an impending crash. However, it is in good company, because the rest of the world is doing the same.

E.T. 101: The Cosmic Instruction Manual, An Emergency Remedial Edition,
Co-Created by Mission Control & Zoev Jho

Many individuals speak highly of the Constitution of the United States and how it guarantees freedom for all people. Yet events have happened since 1776 that have very gradually deceived the people into believing
that they are on a path of freedom when in fact just the opposite is occurring...

There are many hidden compromises today that keep people enslaved… It is important to remember that
 someone is not necessarily out there deliberately trying to disempower you, but that because of your deep- seated emotional beliefs that have been perpetuated over thousands of years, society has created covert
 ways to keep itself disempowered.

This might not be a case of someone stealing your power, but more a case of your freely giving it away. When power is freely given to a governing body, it snowballs, gathering more and more power and momentum as it
 rolls down the hill, incorporating everything in its path.

Originally, governments were meant only to serve and protect. The American separation from England was originally meant to free conscientious individuals from a tyrannical authoritarian body out of control. The
 desire was to create a self-responsible nation of sovereign beings. Has America now instituted a cycle of dependency, power struggles, and inequality?

At present you are not taught in school that you have a choice to keep or give away your natural power and sovereignty. The forefathers of the United States of America knew this and tried to instill it through the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. This handful of men known as the Founding Fathers had a strong spiritual background and wanted above all else to form a community based upon spiritual law. They were one of the
 first groups of humans after the fall of Atlantis to attempt the creation of a 4D model on Earth. They sensed
 the planetary energy changing and were ahead of their time. Their intentions were pure. However, as the snowball began to roll, the governing bodies began to convince the people that they needed protection
from faceless enemies.

This protective entity evolved into the military complex, which must ensure its own survival. It also evolved into the senators and congressional representatives who profess to protect your interests but often serve only their own. It also evolved into tax collectors who operate unlawfully under the Constitution. It evolved into shadow government groups who operate outside of any law, and who sustain a bloated budget for black projects not approved by America's people or even Congress. Probably worst of all, it evolved into a self-preserving
 band of spin controllers who must at all costs manipulate public opinion in order to keep
you asleep so they can perpetuate their agenda.

Millennium: Tools For The Coming Changes, 1997,  Lyssa Royal

You believe that you live in the land of the free and the home of the brave, yet you live in the most controlled experimental society on the planet. The tyranny that has been set up here is rather interesting, because it is a tyranny without walls. As a country and a collective consciousness, the United States still has not reached an awareness that something is not right. The environment of the United States is actually much more controlled
 than that of the former Soviet Union, where the control was obvious.

Because everyone is so frightened of giving up the system in the United States, they are going to be forced to
give it up. The system is corrupt, it does not work, it does not honor life, and it does not honor Earth. That is
the bottom line. If something does not honor life and does not honor Earth, you can bet it is going to fall,
 and it is going to fall big time.

Bringers of the Dawn, 1992, Barbra Marciniak

Your Presidents will try to tell you that America is hated by these terrorists and other people in the Middle East because you stand for freedom and democracy. That's false at best and a cynical lie at worst. What did the Shah of Iran have to do with freedom and democracy? How about the Emir of Kuwait? What about the royal family in Saudi Arabia? What do they have to do with freedom and democracy? Nothing. The government of the United States has become famous around the world in the last hundred years for propping up any government that will watch out for the best interests not of the local people, but of the American-based or US-dominated multi-national corporations.

The terrorists hate you for their own psychotic reasons, but your country is hated in the Middle East by average people not because you stand for freedom and democracy, but because you don't stand for freedom and democracy. You stand for whatever's best for American money. You care about their oil, not about them.
You care about the most efficient way that your corporations, whether at home or on foreign soil, can make
 money in any situation—not about democracy. Most of the people in the world know this, but not the
 American people, who have been brainwashed by television propaganda for the last half a century into
believing America can only do right. Since the mid-1970s the big corporations through acquisition, have completely sewn up their editorial control over the news media. In the meantime, their agenda for
 the Middle East has been anything but altruistic...

What if all the people of the Middle East had their own free countries and economies and good education,
careers, and nice homes? Do you think they'd be as interested in blowing themselves up?...

America does good and bad; that's duality. Your country is often a positive force, but usually with a hidden agenda. Even the Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe after World War Two was done as much to promote your capitalistic ambitions as it was for humanitarian purposes. The greed of your corporations has grown exponentially since then. There has always been the element of an empire based on money underneath the surface...

Most of the people of the Middle East see you as being perfectly willing to steal anything you can, just as you
stole your own vast country from the Indians. The fact that you pay for oil doesn't change how the people of
other regions perceive you through the lens of their own unconscious guilt.

Perhaps you should help them more to see you differently...

The Disappearance of the Universe, 2003, Gary R. Renard

In the world today, the gigantic multi-national corporations have taken over the role of autocratic royalty, constituting predatory oligarchies disguised by a veneer of democracy that siphon the wealth of entire nations; tunnel-visioned dinosaurs oblivious to any values except immediate profit, determined to let nothing stand in the way of their systematically trashing this planet's biosphere and irrevocably polluting our environment. I have long been puzzled by the fact that such policies do not make any sense even on a business level. To deliberately sacrifice not only the well-being but the survival of our children and grandchildren for short-term financial gain is so obviously suicidal that it makes no sense in human terms. It is difficult to understand how such policies achieved dominance and official acceptance in human society. However, if at the highest levels of our main financial and governmental structures the decision-making power is under the control of non-human aliens, whose only concern is to harvest this planet's resources(including the human population) as efficiently as possible,
these policies become quite understandable…

Extra-Terrestrial Friends and Foes,
1993, George C. Andrews

When millions of people focus their attention upon listening to the same words, seeing the same pictures,
and hearing the same descriptions, tremendous energy is generated and a massive thought-form is created. Thought-forms are vibrational blueprints that hold instructions for manifesting reality. The media captures
your attention and then programs your imagination
, essentially canceling out your unique creative drive to
 manifest your own reality as well as your desire to know yourself. You have been conditioned to believe
that all you need to know can now be found in the wonderful world of electronic boxes and the information
 and entertainment they hold
. When "the news" is slanted toward a message of continuous war, a state of
despair and a sense of hopelessness are created. A paralysis of power takes hold because you become
 convinced that the only reality is what is described and prescribed by the authorities in the box.

Reality is created and produced by each and every one of you, and those seeking to control the world
 have kept this knowledge a well-guarded secret.

Path of Empowerment, 2004, Barbra Marciniak

One difference between what is happening in our country and the state-controlled media of the old Soviet Union, is that in the Soviet Union, most people were quite aware that what was being presented to them by their
corrupt government as news was nothing but mind-warping propaganda. Many Americans have fallen so under
the spell of the Bush regime's criminal lies that they don't even know they are being lied to. It is like we are
living in a land of state- controlled zombies who think they are free citizens of a free country

It is as if millions of our fellow citizens have fallen asleep, as if they have become hypnotized and brainwashed
 by the powers-that-be's incessant "managing" and "massaging" of reality.
These powers simply manipulate an already gullible and highly suggestible public into a game of "divide and conquer." They get rich off of other's blood—they incite conflict, and covertly support both sides, as they themselves reap the benefit of the conflict.

The War On Consciousness, 2007, Paul Levy

Wherever there is a discrepancy between the values that we espouse and the manner in which we live our lives, there will be a strong sense of inner conflict, prompting us toward changes designed to restore our fundamental sense of integrity.

Wherever we speak empty words, mouthing beliefs and attitudes that were passed on to us in some unthinking way, and accepted without question or testing in the laboratory of our own lives, we will be forced to account for our lack of consciousness. Wherever we have not stood firmly rooted in our convictions, but rather allowed the so-called necessities of circumstance to dictate our actions in compromise and self-denial, we will experience the price we have paid. In the end, whatever does not stem from our essential innocence will die the little death of extraneous skin being shed, as we ourselves await rebirth, like the snake, in more streamlined and primal form.

Like the snake, at the core of our being, we are primal creatures, pulsing with the same primordial life that coursed through the veins of our first ancestors, heir to the same unfathomable mysteries. But, enamored of
 our civilized veneer, we have forgotten these primal origins.

We have lost touch with the mystery. We have allowed our imaginations to atrophy in a world of shallow short-sightedness, and traded the heritage of innocence for a few shiny trinkets of dubious value.

Moving forward under the pretense of civilization, we rape our mother, the Earth, ravage her bones, tear dispassionately at her vital organs, beat our bloodied chests, and call it a good day's work for a good day's pay.

Toting our gilded Bibles, with the name of our beloved Savior hot upon our self-righteous breath, we sanction
 the slaughter of innocent people around the world, and hone our capacity to annihilate those who do not subscribe to our particular brand of religious, political, or cultural zeal.

Inflated with the rhetoric of high ideals, we justify our abandonment of principle in the turning of the marketplace, and sacrifice our integrity at the altar of economic expediency.

We are people with little sense of shame, and roots that are grounded in fear.

We think we are all powerful, self-created in the image that we would impose on our gods, if we still believed in them. Endowed by our technological prowess with power that we have not yet learned to take responsibility for, we reel across the planet like a feckless drunk, oblivious to the damage we leave in our wake. But for all our bravado, we are every bit as dependent upon the natural rhythms that govern the movement of life upon this planet as were our unwashed heathen ancestors, and in fact, a good deal more vulnerable because
we remain so arrogant in our lack of attunement.

It is essential to our survival as a planet that we re-examine our values, and discard those that keep us perpetually out of alignment with planetary rhythms. Priorities that place humanity outside the web of life, and deny our primal roots are antithetical to our survival as a species, and as a planetary nexus.

Ideals that fail to honor the human process as an evolution of consciousness in form keep us doing battle with the un-integrated reflections of our own dark shadows.

In our arrogance we fail to see just how short-sighted and limited in scope our strictly human values are, much less how the entire history of human evolution constitutes one small chapter in the full story of the experiment taking place upon this planet.

What we forget in our rush to dominate the knowable universe is that the human condition
 only reflects a particular phase in the evolution of Spirit through form.

Once we have collectively attained the highest state of being possible within human form, Spirit will continue
 its evolution toward full manifestation in some new form, where human values and ideals are no longer of any significance.

In the meantime, it is imperative that we shed our arrogance, and assume values and ideals conducive to the survival of our planet. The changes that must be made will never happen as long as we continue to believe
that an infinity of abundance exists solely for our exploitation.

From within the anthropocentric illusion that tints our lense, we cannot possibly appreciate the intricacy of the larger web we are part of. Yet without this appreciation, we will inevitably tear that web asunder…

The Birth of the Shining One, 1988, Joe Landwehr

Earth was designed by Prime Creator as a multifaceted jewel, a grand tapestry where
the art of embellishing diversity of form could be explored...

It is a grave thing to scour a planet clean of life's intricate details. It is difficult for us to understand why humans permit themselves such liberties. In their eagerness to strip Eden bare, humans have become interlopers, trespassers upon the rights of other creatures great and small. There is no honor in causing other beings to
cringe in fear. Although they are nature's principal custodians, most humans have set themselves apart from her. The way that they treat Earth is as if they were to take razors and tear at the hair and moles of their skin or
 to immerse their hides in vats of toxic waste.

For our part, we have assumed the role of alert parents who keep salve and sterile dressings at hand to aid beloved children who insist on playing dangerous games. But evidence of imminent environmental collapse
should be obvious to even the least astute.
This is becoming increasingly serious, for those who choose to
 ignore the karmic ramification of planetary devastation are making it more and more difficult for those
who are endeavoring to prepare themselves for integration into the greater galactic community.

Songs of Malantor, 1998, Patricia Pereira

It seems like we're moving, in the consciousness of humanity, to this...Omega Point, to the point where this can NOT continue very long... We are actually at a point in time that's very unique, whereas in the past humanity
 has talked about things and said, "Well, we can't sustain this, and humanity can't sustain that."

And here we are. And it's very possible that in your and my life span we will actually experience the fulfillment
 of literally not being able to sustain certain things
. We will run out of energy. We will run out of environment. We have weapons of mass destruction that are so extreme that we can wipe ourselves out. It is very possible,
 in the lifetime that we are living in, that we could actually...see a conclusion, that non-sustainability could actually happen. And we'll have to deal with that. And I think we've been evolving towards that for a very,
 very, very long time.

And here we are. And so now we feel the pull of these opposites, these tensions, this division— very, very great. And so we see as a result of that the birth of extremity, of extremes in all of their forms. It's no wonder that there is fanaticism breaking out in all sorts of religions, and fundamentalists in all points-of-view... People are just dividing themselves...

It will be very interesting to see what happens, because it is often that the points of no return, the points of the most dramatic tensions in life and extremes, is the very place where dramatic change and transformation can happen... It's gonna go one way or the other. And it's not gonna be very long from RIGHT NOW, before it goes
 one way or the other...

We are running out of options other than to WAKE UP. It's starting to become impossibly a biological necessity of survival. And when it gets to that point, it really starts to get people's attention...

"A Biological Necessity"—Adyashanti

The researcher who most impressed me—who inspired me to pursue the phenomenon in depth—was Michael Glickman, an English architect and industrial designer who had retired to Wiltshire to study the circles more than a decade earlier. On the phone, Glickman did not hedge his bets. He was feisty and funny, at times exasperated.

"I am an architect," he said. "As an architect, one is interested in form, design, geometry. I worked in product development. I knew about factory processes and mechanical developments. When I started to look into the crop circles in the late 1980s, it was immediately screamingly apparent to me that no human technology—no human methods—could manifest the formations."

Glickman called the glyphs "a series of profound, diverse, and complex communications of a substantial lightness and subtlety. They are using shape and geometry, number and form, to access fundamental parts of our being which have become culturally deactivated over centuries. Part of the program is reactivation—that is separate from whatever hard information the circles might be bringing." He believed the formations were linked to
an accelerated transformation of human consciousness, pointing to our "dimensional shift" from the
third to what he called the fifth dimension.

Glickman thought the patterns—"clearly the results of a prodigious intelligence, will, and intent"—indicated that other forms or levels of galactic intelligence were monitoring the evolution of consciousness on Earth. "We are being approached—after a standoff of millennia. What is approaching us is a federation of non-terrestrial civilizations." As signals, the patterns were coordinated with our ongoing mind-shift, providing clues as well
as lessons into the new "fifth-dimensional" form of consciousness we were approaching.

2012: The Return of Quetzacoatl, 2006, Daniel Pinchbeck

We urge you to become vitally alert to the times in which you live. An opportunity to play a significant role in humanity's finest hour is yours for the taking. Although not everyone is ready to tackle the demands of life
 purpose tasks, many, a very great many, are equal to them.

The rather narrow perspective from which you view reality is reminiscent of ants observing the sky from the depths of a hole. For the most part, you resemble amoebae swimming aimlessly on a microscopic slide, totally unaware of who or where you are and completely oblivious that you are being scrutinized. But in spite of your third-dimensional perceptual difficulties, many of you have determined that reality has a much broader definition than heretofore realized. Your growing intense spirituality has brought you to a point when you desire to rediscover your lost Self. Still, many unanswered questions continue to haunt you.

There is no time to squander! Deny yourself the luxury of indulging in self-pity. Unburden yourself of all obstacles that do not carry hope high within your breast. Embrace hope's optimum, transformative energy as an urgent priority. Hope tenderly held has the capacity to blow away all the cobwebs that linger within your mind.

Dust hope off as if it were a long-ignored treasure chest of precious jewels. Do not allow a lackluster attitude or a spiritual listlessness to betray you into believing that you are headed toward a torn and tattered future.

Although Earth volunteered for her galactic assignment, she has piled on karmic debt. Like all beings caught in
 the heavy gravitational pull of the third dimension, she, too, is subject to the Law of Cause and Effect. But her debts are almost paid; soon she will be karmically free. Alas, humans, you as her principal caretakers have your own accounts to settle, and you are on borrowed time. You do not want to find yourselves abandoned at this
 late date for no other reason than you placed your bets on marked cards. In the cosmic game of "chance," a
 losing hand may always be exchanged for a winning one. Herein lies the trick. You all can easily win at
this game. No losers are necessary.

The twentieth century is history's final full century. Now is when sorrow and war end. Love is already the victor. The battles that have kept you separated from one another will soon be laid to rest...

Eagles of the New Dawn, 1997, Patricia Pereira

The piece of you that separated from your own Divine essence, somewhere along the way, has been hashing out the vibrational manifestations of that self-perpetuating spiral, ever since. Now, it is time to shift that pattern.
For the calling of Divine intent has been heard throughout Creation. It is time to put down your swords and
your shields—and go home.

Oneness: the Teachings, 2003, received & transcribed by Rasha

The changes that have been happening, and will happen, are for the purpose of helping you balance your attitudes within the two polarities of the positive and negative. Since you have free will and choice given to your soul, you must choose which direction you will go during this time on Earth when the predominant nature contains much negativity. This negativity comes from those who want to control, manipulate, and utilize fear tactics through mind programming strategies. Although the Great One gives humanity free choice regarding the direction it will go, from a spiritual point of view, one cannot control or manipulate another soul. Freedom gives humans the choice to grow within its own evolving doorway of spiritual progress.

Nonetheless, the dominant world leaders at this time do not follow this universal law. These negative leaders practice manipulation for self-gain, and control over the populace in many different nations.

Now is the time of testing for everyone to determine their spiritual commitments. All inhabitants on Earth are,
and will be, undergoing various levels of change in the political, financial, ecological and social areas as part of their spiritual process.

These changes are designed to call forth the soul purpose and return humanity back to God. All people are undergoing an acceleration of the mind and the necessity of changing their attitudes. Humanity must turn itself back toward the Creator or be delayed in advancement.

There are too few individuals in the highest office of all governments—be they members of parliaments, legislators, congressional representatives, senators, judicial or civil offices—who are not now entrapped in uncaring principles and activities. The majority of leaders have succumbed to the seduction of money and power. There are a few blessed leaders who will not succumb to these lower desires, because they do care and are earnest in
their endeavors to stand for a noble cause or principle. Yet even those with high integrity, when outnumbered, may grow weary in their endeavors. It is regrettable that law, for many, has become the dark side of justice.

When turmoil exists in the populace of cities or nations, whether it is one individual or a group, that chaos can
 be used for the positive result of turning each person toward spiritual endeavors. It is an opportunity to drop prejudices and self importance and begin to see each other in love and oneness.

This coming time of purification on Earth provides a magnitude of tests to release the behavior of greed, control and negativities... This is your moment to learn to use the gift of divine discernment, go within and listen to the infinite voice, for it is the only voice that will give you the wisest guidance for every need. Remember that challenges are steps in the development of inner listening and to the awakening of your divine self—just as the Christ and others throughout your world have previously done.

These lords of light were following their inner guidance during their own challenging times
 as a model for you on Earth to do the same.

Earth, the Cosmos and You, 1999, Orpheus Phylos

You relinquish your history, your story of the richness of living, and trade this off for meaningless texts that re-quire you to produce meaningless data so you can continue to live meaningless lives. You attend family reunions, picnics, and cocktail parties, assuring each other that you will continue to make your mortgage payments and be good citizens. You drink and eat your society's poisons and turn your children over to a Big-Brother, mind-control World Management Team where one does not think but simply performs at warp speed, or is eliminated.

Newspapers, television networks, and the media are all owned and operated by a small handful of individuals.
True ownership of these enterprises is difficult to track because there are plans within plans and players behind players, and nothing is exactly as it appears. It is time to wake up and realize that you are being fed information designed to limit and control you, to have you support and become part of the economy of death. As you lose
your vitality you run from one so-called medical person to another, using up your insurance, your inheritance, to guarantee what? The sicker you become and the more you search, the more you keep this economy of death thriving.

Do you understand?

Family of Light, 1999, Barbra Marciniak

In the last few decades, it has become increasingly clear that humanity is facing a crisis of unprecedented proportions. Modern science has developed effective measures that could solve most of the urgent problems in today's world—combat the majority of diseases, eliminate hunger and poverty, reduce the amount of industrial waste, and replace destructive fossil fuels by renewable sources of clean energy.

The problems that stand in the way are not of an economical or technological nature. The deepest sources of
the global crisis lie inside the human personality and reflect the level of consciousness evolution of our species. Because of the untamed forces in the human psyche, unimaginable resources are being wasted in the absurdity
 of the arms race, power struggle, and pursuit of "unlimited growth."

These elements of human nature also prevent a more appropriate distribution of wealth among individuals and nations, as well as a reorientation from purely economic and political concerns to ecological priorities that are critical for survival of life on this planet.

Diplomatic negotiations, administrative and legal measures, economic and social sanctions, military interventions, and other similar efforts have so far had very little success. As a matter of fact, they have often produced more problems than they solved. It is becoming increasingly clear, why they had to fail. It is impossible to alleviate
this crisis by application of the strategies rooted in the same ideology that created it in the first place. In the last analysis, the current global crisis is of a psycho-spiritual nature. It is therefore hard to imagine that it could be resolved without a radical inner transformation of humanity and its rise to a higher level of emotional maturity
 and spiritual awareness...

A strategy of existence integrating deep inner work with inspired action in the external world could thus become an important factor in resolving the global crisis, if it were practiced on a sufficiently large scale. Inner transformation and accelerated consciousness evolution could significantly improve our chances for
 survival and for peaceful coexistence.

The Cosmic Game, 1998, Stanislov Grof

As we enter the 21st century's second decade, few thinking people have not pondered the multiple crises facing humanity. Only the most dogmatic believers in the Myth of Progress continue to think humankind is moving along a path of inevitable progress. Indeed, in a world of rampant war, terrorism, nuclear proliferation, and the looming prospect of ecological calamity due to the climate crisis, resource exhaustion, and mass extinction of species, it 
would seem the human project is in fact regressing to more depraved norms all the time. Torture, abolished as a legitimate means of behavior in the West since the high middle ages, is now, if not the official policy of the US government, its de facto practice in its so-called "War on Terror."

Moreover, if the polls can be believed, half the US population now supports the govern- ment's right to torture prisoners suspected of terrorism. This is only one example of many regressions to wholesale barbarism, and the problem, unfortunately, is not limited to the US.

While it is true that, in the face of this crisis of modernity, calls for self-transformation and a quantum leap in human consciousness are not new, Shunyamurti's The Transformational Imperative is surely one of the more insightful among them.

For many of us, spirituality is a wholly private matter that has little to do with the sweeping global problems like war, poverty, environmental devastation and oppression. Shunyamurti, unfortunately, gives credence to this naïve view by failing to address the socio-political forces that necessitate war, poverty and oppression. Instead he states that wars, poverty and oppression are simply the projection of our individual and collective state of ego identification. He writes on page one: "There is no solution to our problems—or even the possibility to will a solution—so long as human consciousness remains in its current level of incomplete development."

While it is certainly true that oppression, wars, and poverty are a projection of our collective state of ego identification, the author's claim that these social ills are "simply" the projection of our state of ego identification is inaccurate and simplistic. It is indisputable that very powerful global institutions profit from promoting endless war, exploitation of the poor, environmental degradation, and oppression. These institutions include trans-
national corporations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, as well as the military-industrial
complex in the U.S.

To imagine that these institutional forces will simply disappear once enough people attain the cerulean heights of complete enlightenment is to engage in magical thinking that borders on the pathological. It is true that there is no simple solution to our collective problems as long as human consciousness remains at its current level of development; it does not follow, however—as Shunyamurti apparently presumes—that when enough humans awaken from the delusion of ego-identification, all of these oppressive institutions will magically disappear.

These institutions, and the oppression and suffering they engender, will be transformed only when enough people awaken to their exploitative, harmful nature, and work together to create another kind of world, based not on institutions that promote greed, inequity and domination but sharing, cooperation and compassion. That awakening requires an intensive spiritual practice, but not one that is wholly privatized or individualized (for we do not in fact exist as isolated individuals). Rather, our spiritual practice must include a critical examination of existing national and global institutions.

For another spiritual analysis of the current global situation now, one that is an excellent corrective to Shunyamurti's overly individualistic, apolitical approach, read The New Social Face of Buddhism: A Call to
, by Ken Jones. It is an excellent book, one among a growing body of literature addressing the institu-
tional forces causing mayhem on this planet, independent of our individual problems of ego-identification.

Shunyamurti argues that civilization will inevitably collapse in this age of Kali Yuga, but after a period of planetary purification, a new age will be born, which will be characterized by spiritual development, rather than ma-terialism and consumerism. However, it is hard to see how new kinds of institutions will be born, absent the ability and willingness to engage in a thorough-going spiritual critique of existing global institutions.

Rather than do that, Shunyamurti pretends that all our problems are entirely the result of our ego identification.
In other words, the world's an illusion, the problems are all in your head. This is a comforting belief for many, obviating any need to develop a political perspective, and to work with others collectively for political ends. Unfortunately, it is at best a half-truth, at worst a simplistic distortion. It is entirely possible for civilization to collapse and to be replaced by some equally exploitative "New World Order" that is even worse than the
 present situation.

As long as people choose to believe in facile resolutions to complex global problems, e.g., transcend your ego,
and all wars will end, ushering in a New Age, etc., the totalitarian institutions that currently dominate our world will continue to manipulate humanity for their own ends. We simply must outgrow our puerile refusal to analyze and resist the social and political forces that enthrall and manipulate us. Regrettably, The Transformational Imperative does nothing to disabuse readers of the superficial but false notion that all our social problems will disappear once enough of us have all meditated and been psychoanalyzed long enough to see that we are not the egos we thought we were…

In his book he challenges some of the slogans of the New Age movement (while reinforcing others), as well as exploding some of the common myths about enlightenment. As one with a background in Zen Buddhism, I particularly appreciated the chapter, "The Four No-Bull Truths," which provides an instructive and insightful updating of Buddha's teachings. It is not so much a critique of Buddha's Fourfold Noble Truth as it is a look at it from another perspective, similarly to how the Heart Sutra recontextualizes the Four Noble Truths from the standpoint of one who has realized the emptiness or insubstantiality of all phenomena.

Those who want a nice bunch of insights that they can put back onto the shelf and forget about might want to choose another book. There are many such books that tout easy "enlightenment"—especially those of the "neo-advaita" or "pseudo-advaita" variety—that present enlightenment as easily realizable as watching a DVD while sculpting one's thighs in the gym. But in reality enlightenment or Self-Realization requires a commitment to a spiritual practice that includes meditation, scriptural study, a healthy lifestyle, avoidance of addictive patterns, and processing and working through one's neurotic symptoms. Shunyamurti appropriately critiques many of the
 New Age bromides currently in vogue; unfortunately his completely ahistorical, apolitical approach serve to reinforce another all-too-common New Age shibboleths.

The Transformational Imperative is an invitation to radical self-inspection, a call to let go of egoic patterns and
rise to a higher level of consciousness, for the sake of not only oneself but of all sentient beings. Read in conjunction with works like The New Social Face of Buddhism by Ken Jones and The Great Awakening by
David Loy, The Transformational Imperative offers a profound critique of egoic society and the need to
 transcend and redeem it.

Review Written by Bodhi Gaia

Will we destroy ourselves in ecological catastrophe, human misery, and war, or will we be transformed in a great quantum leap of consciousness? This, I believe, is the ultimate question before humanity today.

We are in a tremendous ecological crisis. There are a variety of serious environmental issues facing us today,
from global warming to the thinning of the ozone layer, from massive pollution of our atmosphere, soils, and oceans to the rampant deforestation and destruction of species, from the wandering polar axis to the potential
 of massive seismic upheavals. Any one of these phenomena alone, in the course of the next few decades,
could be enough to terminate all life on the planet...

The bad news is that if these were the only factors determining our fate, our future would be bleak indeed. The good news is that there is a bigger picture at work. I feel it is important for us to face the possibility that "reality," as we know it, is about to end. Human beings are constituted such that we seldom are able to hear a "wake-up call" unless we are in extreme crisis. We would rather live in collective denial until the floodwaters have swept through and it is too late. Again and again, the indigenous people of the Earth have warned the governments of humanity to reverse their destructive ways, with little effect. So what happens next...?

We cannot remain in denial about the ecological and political realities on our planet. However, the pathway to
the Age of Light is in affirming the new realities that are emerging among us. Somewhere between an ungrounded spiritual escapism based on denial, and a narcissistic preoccupation with gloom and doom, we can choose to intentionally and purposefully envision a brave new world based on the deepest truth of our being. In order to
 do this we must consciously face our own shadows, seek a genuine hope, commit to rebirth, and open to the
 light of our guiding truth.

We can only go as high as we are willing to go deep, and it is often in the very depths that we find the greatest light. This is where we find the power and the hope to sustain us. For it is only as we are willing to see and to embrace all of our deeply human fragmented realities that the light of grace can shine upon us...

The realities portrayed by our news media are becoming increasingly fearful. When rightly understood and attuned, however, these same events can be cause for great celebration! I have spoken often about averting the Earth changes through our collective intentions and prayers. While I believe this perspective has validity, we cannot pretend to understand what evolutionary transformation must look like.

There are certain cycles of death and rebirth that serve our evolutionary growth, and this next cycle of evolution may be accompanied by a massive dissolution and restructuring of our planetary realities.

The easiest way to make the transition is to understand it from an evolutionary perspective, so that we can
choose to joyfully align with the process, rather than resist in fear and contraction. With all the apparent realities of terrorism, war, and tyranny in the world today, it is yet possible to live with increasing fearlessness, joy,
and excitement. My hope for the world comes from a place deep within me that understands fear and denial,
 yet no longer lives there. As long as we are in denial we are not going to want to see either the darkness
or the light, and I see that many of us are on a journey of embracing our fears fully so that we can let go
of the illusions.

Once we understand the nature of illusion we realize that anything we perceive as a "threat" from the outside, whether it is Earth changes, terrorism, political repression, or war, is ultimately about our own unowned shadows being reflected back. Once that understanding comes, we can choose with the enormous power of the newly emerging "world soul" to cocreate a new unified reality! Beyond any outer appearances, even beyond any cosmic or planetary cycles, we are each responding to the Supramental Descent, the In-breath of
God, the return of all things back into Oneness.

The Maya say that the last four world ages ended in fire, wind, ice, and water. The current world age will end in "olin," which could be translated as "the great shift." It could refer to a magnetic pole shift, or a geographical pole shift. It could be tectonic plate shifts. It could be a shift in consciousness, or all of the above. It could even be a dimensional shift. Whichever way we look at it, we stand at the threshold of a massive shift—a shift of
the ages. Beyond this Age, ending in 2011 or 2012, nothing is known. It is a blank slate
 and we hold the chalk in our hands.

Doorway To Eternity, 2003, Kiara Windrider

During the past eleven millennia, Human Beings have continuously incarnated into an environment that is detrimental to the overall well-being of their planet and, especially, of themselves. You, dear Ones, currently
exist in a limited state of consciousness with its associated amnesia. This lamentable condition has robbed you
of any recognition of who you really are. In your present condition, you can be easily manipulated. Our divine
 project is to facilitate your transformation back into your truly spectacular selves. Earth's physical Angels have a very important role to play in this galaxy. They are the key to a permanent galactic harmony.

Mother Earth's amazing diversity of life is one of the most extensive in the Milky Way Galaxy. Yet, in your present limited consciousness state, you are destroying this most precious jewel. Moreover, in your own misguided way, you are continually replacing natural Earth environments with artificial and highly toxic ones.

Your planetary society is filled with a vast pathology which includes hate, jealousy, avarice, and petty manip-ulations. Yet, love, compassion, and a general caring for each other and for your planetary biosphere still
 manage to exist.

This paradoxical state of affairs is due to the fact that your general amnesia does have some cracks in it. It is
these few “cracks” that we are employing to assist your rapid restoration to full consciousness...

Remember, dear Ones, you are presently limited conscious Beings still possessing all the accouterments of fully-conscious Beings. These things are just lying about in you in a dormant state. This limited conscious RNA/DNA is being restored by us through a massive and continuous dose of pure, open Love, thereby helping to create a firm compassion in yourselves for your biosphere and your wondrously beautiful planet. This process is likewise causing your amnesia to rapidly dissipate and the truth of this ever-changing situation to become known to all. It permits each of your true Life purposes to be revealed to yourselves and to your society...

Currently, you are in the midst of the great changes to which we have alluded. These massive transformations have begun to make humans more aware of their responsibilities to Mother Earth and her biosphere. Nonetheless, your present population has had its concepts of reality shaped by an idea first originated by evolutionary biology depicting Earth as a savage and hostile place.

On the contrary, Earth is a place of exquisite beauty! This beauty has been raped and pillaged again and again by your society's economic and political elites.

Planet Earth is alive, and she is a precious Being, a most special life form! She is a living Being who, at this present time, forgives the illusions of her children and seeks to birth them into a better reality.

The current rekindling of this lost love between humans and their precious Mother Earth is a major sign that the veil of amnesia is being lifted. The vehicle by which this is being accomplished is called the science of ecology...

Physicality is a marvelous fantasy! It is shaped by mass will into practically whatever is desired. Those forms favored by the divine plan are the easiest and most appetizing! In spite of this, most of you have consistently chosen those forms or paths which are the most difficult to swallow. At first glance, you seem to be plunging rather willy nilly down a collision course leading to your certain extinction. Yet, you are destined to
survive and be restored graciously to your Full Selves!

Your First Contact, 2000, Sheldon Nidle

Without Earth's water, air, and soil, there would not be any life at all. Even viruses and bacteria need water. Everything needs physical nurturance until it is able to manifest its needs directly from the underlying matrix of consciousness that supports and informs physical reality. But humans, in their blind pursuit of their own survival regardless of the cost, have inadvertently been destroying the very matrix that gives them life and sustains
 them. The human species has placed itself in competition with everything else on the planet—animals,
plants, trees, birds, fish, and other humans—and has robbed, raped, and pillaged the very planet upon
 which they depend for everything.

Everything humans consume or use comes from the planet, be it food, clothing, oxygen, shelter, automobiles,
or computers. All of the materials that are used to manufacture all of the goods that people use come from the planet. And yet the slaughter goes on, as the oceans are poisoned, the forests are felled, and the water is
 pumped out of the ground when local rainfall is not sufficient to support people's needs. Unless this is stopped,
there will be nothing left, and the people will suffer a terrible, slow decline, as they fight with one another
 over ever-dwindling resources.

Too few care. The lawmakers serve their own agendas; there is simply not enough of a force for change
 to matter at this late date in the process.

So now, we give you this warning and we also give you a promise. For those of you who can "hear," know that the ticket is love in your heart. By love, we do not mean the mushy, romanticized stuff of your movies and novels. By love, we mean the absence of fear, trust in the Creator, and a willingness to put one's life on the line for the truth. In a very short time now, those traits are going to be the only ones that gets one the "ticket to ride."  A great wave of change is building now that will soon sweep the petty affairs of humans away, a great wave of purification and the cleansing of everything that is not in alignment with the destiny of this planet...

Operation Terra, 2001, Sara Lyara Estes

You are at a pivotal point in the fulcrum of consciousness. Your earth is about to undergo a purification the
 likes of which have not been seen for 26,000 years...

There is a highly catalytic energy coming from deep space, which is striking the Great Central Sun (of your
 galaxy) and the Sun of your solar system. Your Sun is experiencing immense changes in its magnetic field, and
this is, in turn, affecting the magnetic field of your Earth. This is altering many dynamic systems on your planet including, but not limited to, the oceanic conveyer belt. This deep-space energy that is affecting both the Sun
and your Earth is essentially an energy of accelerating self-awareness and spiritual evolution. The universe (or at least this part of it) is waking up to itself in new and different ways. And this process of increased self-awareness is speeding things up, so to speak. It is important to realize that what looks like a disturbance at one level of consciousness can be seen as a catalyst at another level.

Whether life is allowed to continue on this planet or not, will be decided collectively through a reaction to the choices you make as humanity. If the collective is able to receive these energies from deep space and make an evolutionary and spiritual leap, the disturbance of the electromagnetic fields, specifically the magnetic poles,
will not affect the conveyer belt the way that it is now. Think of yourself as living on a giant gyroscope. The slightest movement of a gyroscope creates tremendous movement in the rings of the gyroscope, the stabilizing rings. So the gyroscope of Earth is fluctuating, but this fluctuation can be expressed as physical manifestation,
or as elevations of consciousness. But if the collective consciousness of this Earth does not elevate quick enough, then the gyroscope will simply transfer the energy to the physical dimension, specifically the magnetic poles and the magnetic field, which, in turn, affects the conveyer belt. If the conveyer stops, life, as you know it, will become very difficult or end altogether, quickly. We would say to you that you are very close to this point.

As to weather, expect increasingly turbulent storms of greater strength and amplitude. We wish to convey to
you a clear understanding that these storms are an out-picturing of the violence, the misdirected energy, and the imbalance of human consciousness. If, somehow, enough individual consciousnesses within the collective are able to elevate themselves into the fifth or higher dimensions of consciousness, the energies from deep space will be integrated through the process of elevation.

If, collectively, you are not able to attain this, these energies will affect the physical aspect of Earth's gyroscope, to use that metaphor. And life as you know it and have experienced it will be very difficult due to climatic and Earth changes.

You are about to see a tremendous increase in geothermal activity, including volcanoes and earthquakes. You are already seeing a tremendous increase in tornadoes and this will only escalate. The hurricanes that will be coming
 in the next year and the years to follow will make previous hurricanes seem like a gentle breeze.

So let us summarize the first idea we wish to convey. The impulse for increased consciousness is flowing from deep space, striking your Sun, and affecting the subtle energies of your earth. If humanity is able to rise to a level of spiritual mastery these affects will be decreased, transmuted, and become a source for further elevation...

Build your house upon solid ground, not the shifting sands. And in this case, the shifting sands are your monetary system. The solid ground is your connection to your own God-Self. Finally we wish to say to you that as difficult as the challenges are, you are still the Masters of your destiny, although you slumber in forgetfulness. If you are to survive you must awaken...

The Hathors through Tom Kenyon

The typical and clearly partially-informed attitude of the average religious person today affirms complacently the narrow belief that nothing special needs be done, and that all grace will be bestowed in good time upon everyone alike without the need to make any effort whatsoever. This idea is absolutely untrue. Spiritual growth upon Earth progresses only in accord with the Law of Free Will. In passively allowing ourselves to be molded by our surroundings, we ordinarily become, more or less, a product of our environment. Unless and until we make a conscious effort to rise above the norm, we shall inevitably remain programmed and limited by the
established standards of our society...

However, at this vital juncture in human development, should we remain inert, making no decisions, eliciting no action of our own volition and, therefore, allowing our will to abide in dormancy, then the Law of Recompense will remain at best neutral for us, and consequently nothing spiritually positive is going to come our way. Indeed, considering the general level of selfishness and negativity that abounds in the world today, as well as its infectious nature, just the opposite is likely to ensue. The sober individual may wish to seriously contemplate just how it may feel at the time of the Great Shift to experience a tremendous torrent of high-frequency energy as it surges through an unprepared personality who is host to numerous psychological and emotional impurities.
This likelihood is today looming upon mankind's horizon, and is closer than most of us might like to believe.

If we do not awaken to the requirements that demand our attention and warranted discriminating activity today, then more severe measures will be appropriated for us by natural law. If we fail to demonstrate a timely and pertinent response to the intensifying hints in our lives, then let us not cry with surprise when eventually sledgehammers begin to fall!...

The urgently needed cleansing of the whole planet will include a torrential inrush of divine Light that will overwhelm and blind those who are unprepared, but will fill those who are ready with unsurpassed elation as
they rejoice at the unveiled Truth. The one great enemy of Truth is self. Therefore, peril, regret, fear and dread lie ahead only for those who harbor the evil of selfishness, for mirrors line the way.

All those souls—whether incarnate or discarnate—who are residing upon the physical plane or within the subtle densities that interpenetrate and surround planet Earth, and who are responsible for creating disharmony, injustice, etc. in this, their current or previous incarnations, will presently be redressed, not by mankind's judgement, but by the strong and just hand of karmic law...

It is our selfless meditation, inspiration, inner and outer devotion and invocation that shall construct the channel through which the New Spirit may enter the physical plane. Great pain and suffering may be avoided in the immediate future by the acquisition of a true understanding of today's climactic circumstances, and the
consequent application of that understanding in daily life.

The day of opportunity is with us, but it has its term. Today's unprecedented occasion, full of grace, is not forever lasting and will not dawn again for all those rejected souls for many thousands of years. The goals and purposes of the Divine Plan for this closing period of the Piscean age will come to an ultimate conclusion, and soon. The planetary time-clock will presently strike the hour, sounding the end of this cycle. At that moment those who
are ready to receive the descent of higher frequencies will rise and prevail as they experience a victory of
 ages, and as the Earth passes into the glory of a more beautiful and expansive expression...

The New Call, 2005, Esoteric Publishing

Transmutation is not to be confused with transformation. This world had to go through thousands of years of transforming before it was in a position to transmute. That cycle of transformation is now complete, and the transmutative cycle has begun.

Transmutation is a genetic change at the cellular level, which is now in process for all life forms on this planet. The Earth, who is a living consciousness, has made her decision, determined her course, and begun her dimensional shift. Subsequently, all planetary life is being prepared for this event through the cellular transmutational process. This is a birth process which will deliver this planet and all participating life forms into the fifth dimension.

Cellular transmutation is not something you may choose to do if it interests you, like taking up golf. It is something that is happening and that you chose to do before you got here; otherwise you wouldn't be here. Although you have no genetic option in this matter, you still have free will. You can willingly assist this procedure and transmute with this planetary sphere, or you can resist the process and become, as some members
 of our planetary transition teams like to say, "crispy critters."

Mission Control advises you to think twice before you change your mind.

E.T. 101: The Cosmic Instruction Manual, An Emergency Remedial Edition,
Co-Created by Mission Control & Zoev Jho

At the moment of Ascension, the Alignment of the 7 Planetary Gateways from that which is the central sun of the galaxy, that which is Alcyone in the Pleiadian system, at that moment of the alignment of the 7 planetary gate-ways represented by the planets, the stars, there will be an alignment, a corridor directly from that which is the central planet to the planet Earth. Earth is already moving forward towards this moment of alignment by adjusting and advancing many levels of consciousness, both in its own planetary consciousness as well as many of those
Light Workers, and Wanderers and beings who exist on the earthly plane at this time, and who have chosen to come onto the planet at this time to assist this process...

At that actual moment of complete alignment where the 7 gateways are opened, there will be an energetic force that will travel from the central sun to the planet Earth, but the 7 gateways are the same gateways that the human soul either passes through as it descends into human form, or upon release of human form, passed through on the way to its greater expression of its being. With the opening of these energy portals, these gateways, when the alignment occurs with the central sun, the force that will go through will be that force which will carry the
planet to its higher frequencies. It will be as if a tsunami of energies that hit the planet at that time.

It is for this reason that it is necessary for those who will ascend to have raised their consciousness to a point so that when the energies hit, they will simply ride the wave and come to the new shoreline. In this time, events can occur as described by the Questioner, such as the time of darkness, the shifting of the North/South poles, the shifting of the planet, the turning over of the planet. Those who are of that higher level of consciousness, that higher frequency, will not be destroyed by the tsunami of cosmic energies and consciousness that will overwhelm the planet. They will be carried upwards or forwards to that new state of consciousness, that new level of vibration and frequency.

2012 and the Ascension, Cosmic Awareness

When we look at you, we see you as vast multidimensional beings. There's just a little bit of you in this body, thinking that you are all of it. Some of you are getting an inkling that's not so. We see you at all dimensions,
 in the vastness of who you are...

You are here with a job to do. You are here to assist in the transition of planet Earth into Light.
You've done it countless times before and you are an expert in your field...

Every time a planet goes to Light, it is a unique expression of returning home from the experience of separation. The process differs, depending on the particular planet and species that's going to Light. This model is for the human species on planet Earth.

There are… other planets also going to Light simultaneously, and most of you are incarnate on most of them. This planet is special, however, because it has experienced the maximum separation from the Source and now it is returning. It will be successful. There is absolutely no doubt that this planet's return to the Source will be successful, and there will be no apocalypse in this parallel reality. There was a time when we were not so sure that this planet would be able to go home, but now we are celebrating the certainty of a safe return.

Now, a species can ascend or go to Light without the planet ascending. You are not the first species to ascend from this planet—there have been four other races before you. What makes this particular process so exquisitely wonderful is that planet Earth is ascending also. She is a conscious, living entity who agreed to support this game of separation on the condition that she would ascend at its conclusion.

We'd like to mention the exquisiteness of this game as it returns to the Source. The beauty of your Divine Expression as you return is so wondrous for us to watch. Even though you stepped away from the Source for what is to us only a brief time, your reunification is one of the most exquisite energies in the universe. We look forward to you consciously experiencing this for yourselves. Because we exist in simultaneity, we have already seen you enjoy your reunification, and we look forward to sharing your joy when you catch up with yourselves...

We'd like to thank you for being present on the planet at this time. You came here knowing that you would have to go to sleep. You'd have to deny everything that you are, forget everything that you know, and be unrecognizable to yourselves and each other.

We have the easy job—we never step away from the Source or experience separation from Spirit.
So, we honor you for what you are doing and feel honored to work with you.

What Is Lightbody?, 1995, Tashira Tachi-ren

As the inertial pull of the 3D world spirals downward into a generated control structure illusion of darkness and fear, limitation and lack; the new 5th World of Light rises up in a necessary response with a clearer expression of our divine heritage.

   What does it mean to be a human being transforming into a being of Light? As we release the ambiguities that once held our consciousness bound within an overreaching negative spiral of descent throughout many lifetimes, we emerge more fully into new functional bodies of Light filled with unlimited possibilities and potentials. We choose to evolve from the angular landscapes built upon the lower frequencies which we have collectively and habitually engaged with for eons. We can now consciously intend—with the powerful energetic support of this soundscape—to move into more enhanced and flowing realities with a new clarity of awareness. Thus, we build the foundation of our emerging 5th World declarations of Freedom with much greater strength and commitment. As the template architects guided by the higher spiritual visions and transmissions of these New World- views,
it is vitally important that we intend well, with open minds and hearts, and the most careful in-depth consideration of all facets and aspects of this profound evolutionary journey of our species.

    As conscious creators, we must step up into responsibility and stewardship roles that will lead the way for the greater potential manifestation of a world filled with more expansive states of happiness and fulfillment; as each being moves into their true alignment with their higher path and purpose. With each higher vibrational human that truly intends—with a lifetime commitment and steadfastness of purpose—to walk in a greater alignment with
their true creative potential, a vast empathic network of multi-frequency spectrum resonance occurs. All systems, through this increasing energetic resonance—then move into greater states of harmony with freedom and manifestation of new vistas of life em-powerment. The Spirit of Gaia is there to support, in Divine Love, this unfolding process— and in truth was created with an internal matrix of encoded information within matter
 itself. These codes of higher quantum information are released through the momentum of the processes of communion, communication, desire of greater fulfillment and evolution, and the sincere and sustained attention
 of Higher Awareness. This profound soundscape provides vast energetic support for this and much more.

    Through many activations, upgrades and real world challenges, we have each awakened the higher aspects of our truest and deepest passions and desires. These desires are the outward expression of the Divine always seek-ing greater expression of potentials and more fulfilling probable realities. The higher evolutionary Abundance protocols can reassert themselves back into the planetary grid, so that each person receives their divine birth right to actualize their desires based on the harmonic resonance of their Soul's mission parameters. These missionparameters are not fixed as some might believe. They can and will evolve past any illusions of fixed destiny, karma, planetary cycles, etc. as the soul matrix of a being's evolutionary momentum and personal allowance of Light accretion accelerates through barriers of belief and old school Matrix scenarios.

By making the conscious choice to become LUCID in your waking and dreaming states, you are also activating the possibility of consciously engaging your parallel self aspects that may concurrently exist in any given time frame
 and historical period throughout all chosen incarnations. With this multi-faceted knowledge and experience, you can then step into your life more fully aware of all that is going on around you. Then, you may utilize profound
 new skill sets and greater abilities-emerging and activating in resonance from these intended transgenerational, cultural and incarnational communication, communion and quantum informational exchange encounters into your awareness through direct feeling nature communications. This higher unfoldment will initiate the transcendence
 of these illusory barriers of narrow focus mental body accumulated strata to full Self Integration and much greater awareness. These resonant informational exchanges add to the experience, knowledge and wisdom that greatly enhance and transform your greater spectrum focus "playing field" of action and effective manifestation in this chosen incarnation.

        With the absence of so many dichotomies in our mental body matrix, we can emerge fully focused in our intentions with less and less disruption and disharmony in our continuity of flow states. This will enable one to move more purposefully and successfully through the ascension process, being able to accrete more Light energy
 in an acceleratingly more efficient manner— reducing the incarnational drag coefficient of self imposed
limitations accumulated through many lifetimes of "following the herd" in various degrees.

    As one becomes more lucid in all their interactions, they can release their states of confusion and clouded awareness and in empowerment and effective action, walk through the chaos that is occurring on the dissolv-
ing old school 3D world grid.
The emerging potentials will begin to be experienced and embraced in a natural
organic unfolding process, allowing further tangible interaction to resonate with a new sense of freedom and
purpose—on all levels—emerging into 5th World tangible manifestations…

SHAPESHIFTER Visionary Music — DNA 1.5 Lucidity

The telescopes that humans are using to identify space debris are picking up a strange phenomenon: the approach of a giant wave form. We could describe this as a cloud, but in fact it is clear in all respects. What is perceived by your cameras and computers is an influx of golden light so illusive that it barely touches the scientists' heat-sensing spectrometers. But they know it's something big.

Will they tell you about it? No. Have they ever told you anything of real consequence? No. They may publish some space fillers in newspapers and on the televised news that "a new discovery of major import" is in the works. But they leak only generalized information specifically designed to keep themselves from being tripped up. They will not say what they suspect it really is. They suspect it to be a large pre-stellar mass that has somehow wandered into this galaxy. What they do not understand is that they are peering at the Face of God.

It is like them to explain the inexplicable using scientifically acceptable terminology. On a certain level it is well that they do, for if they mentioned that the specter of God's Eye is staring at Earth, it would drive many humans mad—a point they are already close to.

We reiterate: The circumstances of this strange appearance are of vital import to humans. Since 1987 a general influx of escalating cosmic energy has been surging through this galactic system in preparation for a massive overhaul of all energies contained therein. Why? The upsweeping surge of higher-level resonant light is in preparation for a general exodus of stellar mass into a more refined universal complex. Simultaneously, there
 will be a down-pulling of lower tones to a denser physical universe. More simply put, that which has made
 up the structures of your Soul's appointment is currently either expanding energy or contracting it.

What we refer to as the Face or Eye of God is manifesting as an electromagnetic mass of incalculable power. It is full of color; a spectral analysis of its most minute qualities would ascertain color tones never before seen in this galaxy. Beings who inhabit same are in for a joyful ride. Even Souls who prefer heavier vibrations are anticipating a return to that which attracts them mightily. The latter are to be congratulated for the position they have chosen, the same as those who are preparing to ascend into the brighter realms...

Souls opting to go downward in tonal resonation are foundational elements upon which entire universes
 eventually surge upward into the lap of God.

All Souls spend some time in the lower domains to assist their upward climbing associates who have graduated
into the mansions of the heavenly realms. That which is designed as perfect is exactly so, even if perceived otherwise from the limited perceptions of human encounters with a rather contracted reality.

Arcturian Songs of the Masters of Light, 1999, Patricia Pereira

2012 represents a date on the calendar. It is an estimated "boiling point" in mass consciousness. It is not so much a cosmic deadline as it is the arrival of a critical mass in consciousness. The image of raising the temperature on a pot of water is quite appropriate.

When does water actually boil? As the heat increases on a pot of water little bubbles begin to form and rise to the surface. As the temperature continues to increase, more and more little bubbles rise. At some point these bubbles combine into a large rising, a rolling boil. Those that have lifted from the water have undergone a phase shift—they have become steam. The water is still present in the vapor—it is just a lot less dense.

The temperature of consciousness, so to speak, has been rising for some years. Since the release of karma, the heat has accelerated. Little bubbles are starting to rise and those bubbles represent the people who choose to activate their full awakening now. We anticipate that in the coming three years, more and more people will lift off the game board of earth school and anchor in the fifth dimensional energies.

The ones who have found their way to other dimensions will illuminate the path for many. In fact, we believe
 that in the year 2011 more people will have achieved Enlightenment that ever before in the cumulative history
of the planet. We estimate over one million people holding Ascension Consciousness at that time will offer an energetic balance to those who are holding polarized positions. This provides a balancing energy for all to have their culminating experience... The universe is "raising the temperature" so to speak, and
 we are reorganizing ourselves, preparing for the phase shift.

The time between now and 2012 is a time of culmination, a time of powerful co-creation. It offers you an opportunity to expand beyond all perceived limitations and experience the Joy of Ascension Consciousness.

2012: You Have A Choice!, 2006, Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Ra

The fundamental energy pattern of this universe is about freedom of choice. So literally every soul within this universe has absolute freedom of choice to choose its actions. And what we’ve done on Earth is, we’ve got this problem to solve which is, how do we develop a human being that is capable of taking the whole of the soul into the body?  Because what we’re used to is this physical-self/higher-self shift, or breakage, within the soul that is a human. And what we’ve been trying to do is to find a way of getting the higher-self back into the body, because we did originally when we first developed true human beings on the planet, the whole of the soul was contained within the physical body…

So we had all of these prototypes…and Cro-Magnon man is Homo Sapiens, which of course is us. So Cro-Magnon are our direct ancestors. And what we had then on the planet were 6 of 7 different types of potential human beings and Cro-Magnon looked the most promising. And so essentially we settled down. The Earth provided for every possible need that we could have. So for quite a few million years we didn’t progress at all. Bearing in mind that the whole purpose of our solar system, and particularly the Earth, is to develop the body-form that could take the whole of the soul. And the Cro-Magnon form, although quite advanced, was not capable of holding the whole soul within the physical body…

Everybody on the planet was asked if they wanted to go on some kind of an acceleration. And so we took Cro-Magnon man onto an island in the middle of the Atlantic that we know as Atlantis. And there Cro-Magnon man was genetically developed in very pleasant ways—it was all done properly, there was not the kind of rubbish GMOs that we are going through at the moment on Earth. And Cro-Magnon man was developed  into something beyond what we are, because they were capable of having the whole of the soul within the body. And if you have the whole of the soul within the body your senses expand to something that we can’t even imagine. We communicated psychically between each other, so we didn’t have language. You could communicate with all living things on the planet from life forms like a dolphin all the way down to a blade of grass…And that’s how we were originally, and that’s how we are intended to be on Earth…

We destroyed Atlantis quite deliberately and it took the Earth forty-thousand years to recover, and we came back to the planet twenty-thousand years ago. So most souls who were in human form or would have been in human form and connected with Earth left the planet, allowed the planet to recover for that forty-thousand year period, because you can’t destroy a continent without causing all sorts of problems.

And so when those who had chosen to be human came back onto to the Earth twenty-thousand years ago we were as we were on Atlantis, which was the whole of the soul was in the physical body. So we had all the faculties that we are supposed to have, and we began to lose them, because we realized that the Earth’s energy frequency, the basic base-note energy of the Earth, was too low a frequency. And the Earth has always resonated at 7.56 Hertz, and that was too low an energy frequency for us to maintain the whole of the soul within the body. Because the soul that we are, that humans are, is made up of massive energy patterns—we’re looking at 50 dimensions of energy patterns contained within the soul. And so to squeeze all of that energy into a physical body, when it resonates at that 7.56 Hertz, was too big a leap, and so we couldn’t maintain the whole of the consciousness because that base-note frequency was too low. So the Earth needed to raise her base-note frequency up to a new level in order for us to be able to bring the whole of the soul back into the body. That’s what human experience and human knowledge-gaining is all about—trying to find out what that new frequency needed to be so that we could bring the whole of the soul back into the body. And it’s taken us 7000 years to do that, but we have got there and we now know what that frequency needs to be.

The Earth has already altered Her frequency levels—She did that back in 2000 or 2002…And so She is now operating at 3.5 kilohertz, which is a considerable leap from 7.5 Hertz. And humans have been accelerating our own frequencies since then, since 2000, to try to sort of  bring ourselves up to energy parity with the Earth again, and we achieved that at the end of 2011. So we’re in a position where we can bring the Higher Self back into the body if that’s what we choose to do…

And so we could have undergone that shift last December—this is what the end of the Mayan calendar was all about. But there’s been a lot of disruption on the planet and I think the main reason why people, certainly in the Western world, didn’t undergo the consciousness reintegration, the soul reintegration, is because they don’t believe it can happen. So at some point we need to alter the way in which we think and stop believing in some of the things we do believe in, because that’s what’s holding us back from making this move that we are now capable of achieving anytime that we choose to. Because we’ve got a whole new set of energy patterns connected with the Earth, what you could call the Mayan 6th Sun, because the Fifth Sun disappeared or ended on the 21 of December 2012. So we could shift now at any time we choose to—it’s just the problem that we have in the western world holding us back basically. Because in the non-western world, the vast majority of the population there already are perfectly capable of making this shift—something like 98% of the population in some countries can do it. They’re only holding themselves back because we have a collective agreement if you like that we all do it at the same time. So the western world is holding back…

(This shift) changes everything. It changes the body’s density—we become much lighter in density than we used to be. We have phenomenonally different energy patterns within the body. We will be able to communicate psychically again with each other and again with all living things. If you think of the five senses that we have as basically single notes, in what could be a symphony of the senses that you would have when you have the whole soul within the body—so everything changes…

So all the problems that we have in the western world at the moment would automatically disappear because we would be able to see through all the lies and all the propaganda. And we would only be able to be honest with each other in any situation. So it creates a massive shift, potentially a massive shift, and this is what the Velon have been trying to prevent, what the New World Order is all about, what the Illuminati are all about, is trying to prevent this change from happening…

Red Ice Radio Interview with Chris Thomas

At the moment of quantum awakening, change will occur rapidly, rippling across the terrestrial surface like a wave. Everything in the earth's gravitational field will be affected in some way. There will be a time of massive change, of change on a scale that has no historical precedent, though it does have antecedents in the prehistoric events of this and of distant worlds...

The future, as always, holds an element of surprise. Yet some things are as certain as the movement of the stars. A mother never knows exactly what hour she will give birth to her child, but she has a "due date," an approximate time when the baby is expected and will most likely be born. For millennia now there have been those in various traditions of both East and West who have known that the earth has a due date something during the second decade of the twenty-first century. Though there will be much awakening of individuals prior to the first unified movement of the awakened planetary organism, this movement, like a first breath, will occur in but a single moment. It is then that the Star Maker will consciously awaken in all systems of human biocircuitry capable of sustaining universal awareness.

Babies are sometimes born early, sometimes late. So be aware, be vigilant. Do not discount the possibility that the moment might come as a thief in the night. And do not be among the foolish who will wait until the last moment to come to terms with the rising awareness. This is to be an important occasion. It is the event that is central to all of human history. Our emphasis for many thousands of years now has been and continues to prepare you for this single moment. For though the changes will be dramatic, they need not be traumatic.

Though they will bring a fundamental human revisiting of reality's nature, this need not be perceived as threat-ening. Essentially, it is a positive and joyous event. The consciousness that will eventually emerge will be the consciousness of the Eternal One, the Creator, the Being of Life, awake and aware for the first time inside a material universe. Human circuitry is designed to accommodate this consciousness. In much the same way that
 your individual cells understand their relationship to you, each awakened human being under- stands him- or herself in hologramatic relationship to this unified field of awareness...

Regardless of whether one accepts this change or attempts to back away from it, this event will be of greater power than any the earth has ever seen. More energy will be released in a very few moments than is typically released upon the surface of the earth in many years. This energy will take the form of heightened perception
 and deepened emotional connection, rejoining the individual and God...

There will be a great shift then, a single moment of quantum awakening. In this moment, the smallest interval
 of time measured in these dimensions—this interval that occurs in every atom between each of its billions of oscillations per second—will be lengthened unto infinity. An interval of nontime will expand. Through that expansion eternity will flow. Some will experience this moments as minutes or hours, others as a lifetime.
Still others will experience this flash of nontime as a succession of many lives, and some few will, in this mo- ment, know the Nagual itself, the great nameless Presence that exists before and after all these worlds.

In the expanse of the nontime interval, human beings will have all the time they require to realize, experience, and remember full consciousness of their eternal spirits and to recall the origin of their individuality in the primordial fields of being. All will have ample time to recharge their form identity and its biological projection with the awareness of who they are, why they have individualized, and why they have chosen to associate
 with the planet's human expression. Each one will have the choice to return to biological form or to remain
 in the fields of disincarnate awareness.

Those who choose to return to human form will do so fully aware of who they are. No longer will they be put partially incarnate; they will resume biological residence with the full memory and consciousness of their eternal natures, sharing the creative capacities of the Star Maker, whose reflective cells they will then know them-
selves to be.

Subconscious orientation in fear will be replaced by conscious orientation in love. The sudden release of power, as the polarity of the collective human emotional field shifts from outer to inner orientation, cannot be avoided
no matter how smoothly we seek to guide the transition.
All will feel an unmistakable surge of power in the instant of quantum awakening. This is as inevitable as the daily rotation of the earth's continents into and out
of the light of the sun.

But the effects? The implications? There is no way to predict them. They depend on the choices you make today. By extrapolating current trends of consciousness we can establish a probable range of effect. But there may be as many as eight billion people incarnate at that moment, each with complete freedom of choice. And though the choices each one makes in his or her lifetime prior to that moment will certainly predispose that person
 in one direction or another, there are no guarantees, no assurances.

The Third Millennium-Living in the Posthistoric World, 1990, Ken Carey

 You are anchoring a profoundly expansive state into your being, be patient and gentle with yourself. Instead
 of feeling that time is speeding up, that there is little time left to change, you will realize that the Point of
 Power is in the Present
, and that you have all the time in the world. Drop the pressure and dogma of supposed planetary activation timelines or quotas—2012, etc. These are distractions to entrain you to a more limited,
fear based scenario. Choose the wisdom of a higher path. You cannot effectively manifest while under the
 self-imposed pressure of these deadlines or fear based scenarios. No one definitively knows what the
 outcome will be. The most powerful truth to accept is to Relax into the Flow and Be. The future is in
flux and what probable reality we experience is surely shaped by our collective intent.

DNA Activation Companion Guide, 2001, ShapeShifter


The 2012 alignment in the outer world offers a still point through which the revealing of eternity into history can occur. Human beings are the channels of this process. But we must sacrifice our attachment to illusion in order to be free to let go and open so that the eternal infinite wisdom can flow through.

Practice peace and stillness. Meditate. Let go of attachment to illusion.

The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness,
January 2005, John Major Jenkins

This year (2012), we will witness the greatest social upheavals and changes in the history of mankind and this planet. We have discussed on various occasions vital aspects of this inevitable human development. Now is the time to make a short overview on the inner logic and dynamics behind these long foretold events of cosmic proportions.

The year 2011 was initially defined by many sources as the year of rebellious energies. Unfortunately humanity did not wake up to this expectation. We saw some pockets of social unrest in Western countries and some bloody upheavals in the Arab world and other Third World countries. But none of them reached the critical mass necessary to turn the tide of social unrest and unleash a true world revolution, which will lead to the liberation of humanity from the shackles of the Orion/Reptilian Empire and their dark human minions on power.

None of these particular revolts reached so far the explosive transformation power, which the anti-communist movements unleashed in Eastern Europe within few weeks in the remarkable fall of 1989…(after which) the
masses delegated their power to unethical Western capitalists and corrupt politicians, who immediately began
 to eliminate their liberties and human civil rights under the banner of Western type of democracy. The latter
 has always been a camouflage for an inhuman, brutal oligarchic Orion-Reptilian type of dictator-ship, as the
 US citizens are now beginning slowly to realize for the first time in their life…

The collective and rather outspoken discontent of the “Ossis” (East Germans) after their hostile take-over by
their greedy Western compatriots should serve as a historic red flag for all Western nations, which are now
on the cusp of their home-grown revolution…

The wrath of the masses is too great to be appeased one more time by fake reforms or legal reprisals by the sleek reptilian shape-shifters on power—be they in Washington, in the White House and on the Capitol, in Versailles, in Downing street 10, in Berlin Regierungsviertel, in Quirinal and Vatican, Rome or in the worn out centers of power in Athene, Madrid, Lisbon and Dublin. And not to forget the center of Satanic rituals of the European Cabal, Brussels, the corrupt capital of the EU and the home place of the “Beast-666″—the first huge com-puter of the Cabal, designed to supervise mankind under the New World Order, as embodied by George Orwell’s Big Brother
 in his famous prophetic book “1984″ and foretold in John’s Revelations in the New Testament.

The winds of change in 2012 will be of cosmic proportions and no political power will withhold them. You are
all these “wind makers” now. Whether you plan it or not in your personal lives, you will be the spearhead of
this galactic tornado that will sweep away the old world order for ever. And there is very little time left
for you to prepare for this event…

Currently, there is a huge confusion in the alternative media about the upcoming world revolution, because most Western citizens, especially in the USA, Canada and GB, have no historical experience and knowledge of the
 inner dynamics and logic of all human revolutions. This is their Achilles’ heel.

In particular, the New Age movement in North America is without a clue as to what is bound to occur very soon
on the historical stage. They believe that they will continue to live in their comfortable esoteric niche forever,
no matter whether Ascension is knocking on the door or Gaia will move to a higher dimension. Such are the self-preservation instincts of most people, whose attitude towards life is underpinned by their striving for the conservation of old behavior patterns, illusory social stability and mental immobility, no matter how profound
their enslavement may be, with which they pay for this treacherous security. We recognize here the classical
 dark Orion-Reptilian mentality as paradigmatically represented by all present-day politicians and the vast
 majority of humanity… The vast majority of humanity is in a deep slumber and does not have the faintest
idea about the many tribulations they will have to go through in 2012

The difference this time will be that the upcoming world revolution will be embedded in the new higher fre-quencies of the collective astral atmosphere and crystalline grid around the earth and will be carried forward
by the new loving energies which we all have enabled by opening our personal portals at 11.11.11.

This energetic impact of our peaceful collective visions, as extensively discussed on this website, will prevent the occurrence of many erratic and brutal actions and even possible massacres. This has been the fundamental failure of all past revolutions, which were other-wise a necessary response of the incarnated human beings to their perennial enslavement by the Orion/Reptilian order and the human puppets they had installed on power...

During the last several weeks or months prior to the magnetic pole reversal and the shift of Gaia to higher dimensions, you must completely detach from this reality, which will visibly deteriorate after January 1, 2012. Human civilization, as we know it, will very soon cease to exist as it is based on entirely wrong beliefs,
prejudices and angst patterns of self preservation and instinctive aggressive behavior. The latter is
determining the deeds of the dark Cabal that will be ousted from power in the first half of 2012.

In fact, we must now accomplish step by step the letting go of all our earthly experiences and ideas associated with our three lower chakras, as this was intended to happen during our planned ascension at the stargate
 11.11.11 before this event was postponed for the coming year. This singular event was now substituted with
a step-wise ascension, where the disentanglement from all low-frequency aspects of our identity will go
further than initially anticipated and will catapult us to higher dimensions than we have first envisaged
 when we planned in every detail our current incarnations as pure souls in the higher realms.

The shift of Gaia to higher dimensions and the split of the two timelines during and after the magnetic pole reversal will be more radical and pronounced than originally planned for 11.11.11 for two reasons:

1. Mankind is in a huge retard with respect to its process of awakening and preparation for mass ascension in Dec 2012. In order to achieve this goal, some major events have to occur on earth and transform both, the old Orion/Reptilian world order and the collective human mentality, which is entrapped like Gulliver in a huge net-work of invisible cords of basic fears and inadequate patterns of social behavior. Only when all material and ideal structures of the current human civilization are more or less completely destroyed, can the masses begin to shed their current deleterious modes of thinking and social reactions and enter the road of spiritual evolution, which will be crowned with their ascension by the end of 2012. Hence, there is very little time left to carry out this e-normous education and transformation program. We will be the ones, who will lead mankind through this adven-ture of cosmic proportions, and only later on can other highly evolved civilizations enter the scene and help us.

2. Due to fact that the planned ascension at the stargate 11.11.11 was postponed, the soul contracts of all in-carnated human entities have been automatically prolonged. The proportion of their final karmic experience was subsequently extended and its intensity was hugely augmented due to the higher frequency energies flooding earth after the opening of the stargate 11.11.11. This circumstance renders the unique possibility for many human beings to finish completely with the rest of their karmic obligations in an accelerated mode, so that when the shift will come in early 2012, they can irreversibly move to a higher dimension…

 All ascension candidates for Dec 2012 will be separated interdimensionally from the population of juvenile human souls who are representative of all dark aspects in the current human condition. These souls will remain on the catastrophic earth B and will have to go through all natural catastrophes, economic, social and technological disasters that are planned for this timeline after the split of the dimensions.

From this we must conclude that we should not expect big financial, economic and political collapses before the magnetic pole reversal occurs, but only their visible initiation. This experience will be sufficient for the ascending human fraction to finish with the rest of its karma. When the actual crash will come, they will have moved to a higher dimension and will begin to create the new 5-dimensional earth...

For those human beings that will remain on planet B the calamities will continue and it is not so sure, whether they will be able to oust the current dark human minions of the Orion/Reptilian Empire from power. It is this particular timeline that these dark ones are now striving to occupy in a firm manner, knowing that they will have no influence on the ascending fraction of humanity after the split.

Knowing this probable dark scenario… (one) should completely detach from the current depressive news and pictures shown in the manipulated mass media, because they are aiming at dumbing down the juvenile human
souls and putting them in a state of an even deeper frustration than in the recent past as to prevent the al- ternative timeline, leading to their mass upheaval and overthrowing the dark Cabal shortly after the split.

In this way the Orion/Reptilian Empire wants to secure its timeline based on further un-restricted enslavement of the rest of humanity. However, this dimensional timeline should no longer bother us as this division is part of the divine plan for Gaia in the End Times and any unreflected compassion for these juvenile souls, who have freely chosen this dreadful destiny, will be completely inappropriate and will only demonstrate a deficient Gnostic understanding…

The Orion monetary system will be abolished and a new transparent numerical system of payments (TNSP) will be implemented for the short period of time till mass ascension. In some places, simple barter systems will be introduced. The income of each individual will be based on such numerical units and will be evenly distributed among all human entities. The coordination and functioning of this system will be accomplished with the help of new advanced means of communication. All banks and intermediary pecuniary institutions such as stock and commodities exchange that determine the current make-up of the old world economy will be abolished for ever. The profession of the current banksters will find its deserved place in the new virtual museums of the enlightened human civilization, which will inform the younger generations of ascended human beings about the horror-picture shows of the past Orion/Reptilian order…

The GF (Galactic Federation) will show up only to the ascending part of the human population, as the entities that will remain on the catastrophic earth B will continue to reject the idea that there are infinite forms of intelligent life in All-That-Is. Precisely this rejection and narrow mindedness that is now prevailing in the current human population and is insidiously promoted by the manipulated mass media of the Orion system will qualify these juvenile human souls to stay on earth B and to continue being slaves of this debased system. This is the experience which these souls need and which they have desired at their current rudimentary level of spiritual evolution.

The split of the two timelines has already begun as many of us have already felt after the opening of the star-
gate 11.11.11… The large fraction of ascension candidates in Dec 2012 will be much more deeply involved in the erupting social events, leading to world revolution. Depending on their ability to envisage the new 5-dimensional reality, they will more or less suffer under the terrible consequences of the magnetic pole reversal and the total
collapse of the old world order…

Based on this probable scenario, it is wise to assume that the world revolution that will unfold in the first half of 2012 may ultimately fail to achieve its goals on the catastrophic earth B, so that the current dark Cabal will retain their dominance over the remaining human masses. However, this will no longer be our timeline and we should
not bother to waste a single thought on it.

The neat separation of the two human fractions will allow for a much rapid implementation of new advanced technologies in the ascending timeline of Gaia and humanity, so that in the second half of 2012 a broad modest prosperity will be achieved worldwide. This state of abundance will be further expanded after the final mass ascension will take place in Dec 2012 to the lower second level of the 5th dimension, where the blueprint of
the new 5d-Earth already exists…

Humanity will experience the most chaotic times between the magnetic pole reversal and late summer of 2012 when the GF will show up. Together with us as ascended human masters, we will implement most of the necessary reforms and new technologies that will transform the present-day human civilization beyond recognition in the blink of an eye... This first ascension wave is generally acknowledged in Christianity as the “The Second Coming
 of Christ”, however without any understanding of its true energetic nature.

The Winds of Change, 2011, Dr. Georgi Stankov

Since the first breath of God at the beginning of all the worlds, it was pre-ordained that Creation would exist within a rhythm of expansion and contraction. Eventually there would come a time when the physical universe would stop expanding and begin to contract.

The Hindus refer to this process as the in-breathing and out-breathing of Brahma, the pro-cess through which God breathes out all of Creation, and then breathes it all back in again.

At this point in linear time, we are very close to the middle of the cycle, soon to reach the exact mid-point between the out-breath and the in-breath of God.

When any vibrational system reverses the momentum of its direction, as a pendulum does at the uppermost point of its swing, there is a moment of complete rest before it resumes its movement in the opposite direction.

Since rest, or the total cessation of movement, constitutes the opposite of time, there is at the precise moment of its occurrence, a micro-interval of non-time, a moment of eternity. This is the same interval of non-time that occurs many times each second as the atoms of the physical world vibrate back and forth. This is an opening into the nagual, a doorway into the Presence from which all Life-energy springs.

What happens when a universe stops expanding and begins contracting? What happens when an entire cosmos reaches the exact point of directional change and comes to a moment of absolute rest? You will have the opportunity to see for yourself very soon, for this event lies just before you in linear time. It will provide
an opening for the emergence of something incomprehensible...


When the universe reaches a point of maximum expansion, a unique phenomenon will take place. There will be a moment when all laws necessary for the creative maintenance of physical matter and all materializing processes become suspended. Due to the relative velocities of the various star systems, this event will not be experienced simultaneously in all parts of the universe, but will travel as a wave across the sea of creation.

Existing within this ripple of non-time will be the focused conscious attention of the Creator. As it passes through the material realms, it will stay and take up residence in all life forms with circuitry capable of mirroring its essence. This is the moment when the Creator will slip inside Creation; the moment we are attempting to pre-pare you for. This is the much misunderstood Second Coming of Christ. It is the event that primitive
 civilizations have looked forward to as "the return of the gods."

The Mayans went so far as to pinpoint its actual occurrence in what you would call the year 2011 A.D. Yet while many of your traditions hint at what is about to transpire, none of them have adequately conveyed the magnitude of impact such an event will have. Indeed, no single conceptual structure is capable of conveying the enormity of what is soon to take place.

Those familiar with the scriptures of your various peoples should be in position to understand what is occurring, for these are the times spoken of.

Yet you must realize that God did not invent the words used in scripture. He merely arranged them in the order most approximating His meaning. What is actually happening requires all of biological life to convey its meaning...

The impact of this single creative moment is so vast, so far-reaching, that shock waves sent out before it have given rise to all of the biological life that now exists upon your planet.

You are living in the shadow of an event not yet taken place. Yet it is you, yourself, under all your layers of false identity, that cause this event as you approach ever nearer to the Earth. From within the context of history, it appears that there has been on this planet, a progression of increasingly complex life-forms evolving toward ever higher levels of consciousness.

It appears that there has been an evolutionary process. But this is not the case. What is actually occurring is that the matter of Earth is falling under the influence of your vibrational body. This influence naturally increases as you draw nearer. Only when the center of your spirit touches the center of the Earth will Life on this planet be fully manifest in form.

This should not be so difficult to understand. What you have considered to be history, or in other terms, the evolution of the species, is only what you have been able to observe through the distorted medium of a fragmented and quite subjective intelligence, trapped within the past-future orientation of linear time. From
such a perspective, the act of Creation could appear as a progressive, sequential process. To the extent that you are able to identify with the spirit that gives you consciousness, however, it becomes a much simpler matter:
you have yet to arrive. You are still on your way. Sitting here reading these words is only a sleepy reflection
of your unconscious totality as it prepares to become fully revealed on the day of awakening...

As a collective event, the moment of birth is still a generation away. But individually speaking, this event transcends the limits of space and time and is, in fact, already occurring. Your individual birth will take place at the precise moment in linear time when you stop struggling with your rational fear patterns and let yourself
 go in the divine dance of inner direction.
You must decide whether you are going to accept the inevitable in
a state of love and prepare yourself accordingly, or hold on in fear to the bitter end. Ultimately, these
 are the only two avenues of response...

The Starseed Transmissions, 1982, Ken Carey